How to avoid the dowry system?


The Dowry system was an ancient practice and custom that is still surviving, in the modern era, with the support of small-minded people’s thoughts and the old custom practices.

The Dowry system was practiced, since the old age , the medieval period,  when kings and queens would rule the kingdom.

Princesses and the Queen ‘s kingdom would offer a certain amount of dowry as a part of their marriage treaty, which was collected by the king ‘s kingdom after their marriages.

This system still prevails in the society, without having any kind of guilt, shame, restrictions among people, who receive them in full pride without guilt and shame.

The Dowry system is widely,  still practiced by all sectors of the society among all the poor, rich, middle-class.

THE DOWRY SYSTEM-  This system where, money, gold, ornaments, luxurious things, assets , which were initially gifted by the will of the bride’s family, to the groom turned into a compulsory tradition that is still practiced in India, majorly in all parts.

 This system, was opposed by many people, by the emerging injustice of this dowry system, many women were tortured brutally  and killed by cruelty.

A woman named Satya Rani Chandha, Who was the reason for the anti-dowry movement, in India.

She started to save thousands of women, after losing her own daughter, killed for dowry. Along with Shahjahan Apa, led powerful rallies and many  campaigns against the dowry system, won justice in the court,  and established an NGO named "skathi shalini".



  • EDUCATION IS THE MAIN  KEY: Educating your females in the family, such as your daughters, sisters, even your wives who want to study further, is a best possible to treat females and providing them with what they need the most  in their life is a good way to their happy life, no dowry, is capable of that not as valuable, as their- education.

This would help them to create a strong character, and consider them as humans not as only mere assets ,  that are offered along with other valuables in the marriage, or after marriage.

  • SUPPORT THEIR CAREER AND DREAMS: Supporting your females ' dreams and career is more  important than their marriages. You should give importance to their career and education,  rather than considering her marriage,  as a burden.

Indian parents would rather spend many lakhs, in their daughter’s marriages, recklessly instead of giving their money to them to spend it on their career investments or education  purpose.

  • AVOID "THE DOWRY SYSTEM", STRICTLY!: While considering alliances, don’t agree to the groom’s family demands and their  needs about dowry needs even  indirectly or  even directly. Say a strict “NO” to the dowry deals,and never accept such an alliance at any cost.

Your females in your family are the most valuable asset you are giving to  the groom, and his family to take care of, care  giving gifts according to your wish is okay but giving them to marry your female, and fulfilling such a dowry demand, should be not considered and should be rejected.

  • EQUAL TREATMENT AND RESPECT: When you treat your females with utmost needed  respect and equality in treatment you are, giving them everything  what they need to have good confidence, in their life. This would abolish the need for dowry.

There are so  many laws and acts  that support women, and try  to abolish the dowry system.


This act was passed to prohibit the evil practice and system of dowry including both  taking and giving.

This was passed in 1961.


The person who demands dowry will be imprisoned and punished for not less than six months. May even extend for 2 years and with a fine to be paid of 10,000.

Irrespective of the methods he/he uses to ask indirectly or directly either in the physical torture or mental torture.


The person who gives, or takes dowry , he /she shall be punished and imprisoned for a term not less than five years,


  • Anybody who publishes these kinds of advertisements. 

  • Anybody who offers their help to take or give dowry.

  • Anybody who demands dowry in any form.


             HOW TO DEAL?:

  •   SOCIAL AWARENESS: Social awareness must be spread among the areas where there are high cases of dowry. Initiatives to spread the social message, and the laws must be done to solve this problem.

  •   LAW ENFORCEMENT :Laws must be enforced, and the punishment must increase to more extension and high penalty to pay so that narrow-minded people would stop such practices.

  •   INFORM YOUR PEOPLE: The first thing to do is to inform your trusty-worthy people from your family or friends about your abuse or the demands. You should inform every detail, so that you have witnesses to confirm it.

  •   COLLECT EVIDENCE: The collection of evidence about the demands of dowry must be present to display in the police station or court. So make sure to have evidence in any form such as video, call logs recording, audio messages, or clear way of saying how they demanded to you.

  • INFORM TO THE POLICE: Inform to the nearest police station ,and show your evidence and inform your people. 

 If the demand is made before making an alliance, call off the alliance, if it is made after marriage, leave the place immediately with necessary proof and inform  it to the police.

It is very important to remove his evil from society because it causes trauma to women, and a burden on the family of the women. 

After all, why should women need to pay dowry for their marriage? It's her marriage, she is the person who needs to make a lot of changes in her life, so does she need to pay a dowry to enjoy her marriage life hereafter? Well, such a kind of arrangement or deal is not generally, morally mean or fulfills the exact meaning of the word "marriage".

Women are valuable, and they should not bend or agree to the greed of idoitic  people who are money-minded, and cannot identify what a real asset is.

There are numerous activities that help women to overcome this problem. All you need is courage to fight against the odds.

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