K-Pop idols with incredible imagination aspirations


K-Pop idols with incredible imagination aspirations

In Korea, there is a long tradition of superstition that surrounds the conception of dreams. Conception dreams predict the conception of a child and are typically experienced by the parents or close relatives of an unborn kid. In some cases, they can even make predictions about the child's future personality!

As a result, the notion that "great figures" in society are the product of spectacular conception dreams is common in South Korea.

K-Pop stars had dreams about their conception that featured gold or other animals with mysterious abilities!

·       Jungkook of BTS

In a village, it was pouring, but whatever the rain touched turned gold.

·       Jisung of NCT

When Jisung of NCT Dream's mother visited a jewellery shop, she noticed a gem that shone more brilliantly than all the others. The owner declined her request for a sale of the jewel. Until the owner agreed to sell the jewel to her, she pleaded and begged nonstop.

·       Eun Woo Cha of ASTRO

A large, golden carp was spotted by Cha Eun Woo's father in a pond outside the home of Eun Woo's grandmother. He quickly captured the fish and lifted it into his arms.

·       Jin of BTS

A golden carp swam into Jin's mother.

·       Jungyeon of TWICE

When the mother of Jungyeon spotted five golden eggs in front of her, she picked three of them.

·       Rowoon from SF9

A bull was seen by Rowoon's mother pulling pearls, gold, silver, and other priceless treasures on its back.

·       Kai of EXO

For Kai’s ailing father, Kai's mother made dinner using a huge fish. The fish in the cooking kettle ascended to heaven.

·       J-Hope from BTS

In a dream, the mother of BTS's J-Hope J-Hope travelled across a large, open field in a chariot drawn by three golden horses.

·       Sieun from STAYC

In his dream, Sieun's father saw a tree growing from his mother's stomach till it reached the other side of the globe. A bird made a nest in the tree and put a golden egg inside of it.

·       Yunho of ATEEZ

In a dream, Yunho's grandma saw a crane between Yunho's mother and father in a picture of their family.

·       Xiumin from EXO

A golden boar was spotted outside on a snowy day by the mother of one of the six tigers that scaled Baekdu Mountain and punctured the ground with the South Korean flag.

·       Youngbin of SF9

On a snowy day, Youngbin's mother spotted a golden boar outside.

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