Can you get stretch marks without being pregnant?

Can you get stretch marks without being pregnant?

 Stretch marks problem, don't watch gender and then attack people. It can be seen among both men as well as women. Pregnancy is one of the major reasons for developing stretch marks in your body. Although, there exist several other reasons for getting this. You can find the Stretch marks over the most common revealing body area including the stomach, upper arms, thighs, and hip side. It can be of varied colors and is subject to change in texture and appearance with the exposure to sunlight, age, and several other reasons. 

In the article today, you are going to learn about whether or not getting stretch marks is only due to the pregnancy. 

Can you get stretch marks without being pregnant?

Yes, you can get stretch marks on your body area at varied places without being pregnant. Being pregnant is one of the reasons for getting stretch marks but it does not mean that you can not get it without being pregnant. Although it might seem to be a noticeable point, a significant part needs immediate attention. According to the legit research being conducted by various sources in the last few years, the stretch marks usually affect almost 8th women out of every 10th pregnant woman. It starts gradually with time from your stomach area and then scatters to some of the remaining body parts. Although, most women are unaware of the fact that such stretch Marks are bound to take place in multiple other regions too like breast, hips, thighs, etc due to excessive weight gain during the pregnancy time interval. 

With the passing days and the birth of the baby, these stretch marks don't get faded, instead, they are expected to grow out clear and wider by wide-spreading throughout your body parts. Based on several factors you can determine how bad your stretch marks are going to look. Especially the reason that matters most is your skin elasticity and the way it reacts to other things. Multiple other reasons based on your diet, health issues, genetics, daily fitness, etc can lead to stretch marks. If you are too skinny or if you are too fat, it can also lead to stretch marks on your body. Let us understand these underlying reasons from the section written in detail beneath - 

What reason contributes to stretch marks on your body?

Stretch marks on your body can take place due to numerous reasons. Even if you are not pregnant, still you can develop Stretch marks on different parts of your body. Let's learn what are those reasons that lead to such Stretch marks -  

  1. Exercise: Daily exercising and following a fitness routine leads to instant expansion of your muscles. It might further lead to stretching of the skin around it. Such sudden stretching of the skin leads to stretch marks. 

  1. Family History: If any member in your blood family lime has been a victim of having stretch marks, then your chances of getting it also intensify instantly. This family line includes your mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, blood relatives, etc. If such is the case, then make sure to take care of your skin, use a proper skincare routine, and avoid any sort of inconvenience.  

  1. Corticosteroid Medication: Taking various medications can also lead to stretch marks. The steroid drugs that are taken to treat rheumatoid arthritis are very dangerous and many times can lead to developing stretch marks over your body. It curtails the body's ability to stretch and as soon as your body expands whilst you gain weight, the stretch marks suddenly appear. It's better to contact the skin care specialist and get your scars treated on time. 

  1. Excessive Weight Gain: In case you have gained a huge amount of weight due to varied reasons, you might find the appearance of stretch marks on these special areas of the body where the skin has been particularly stretched out. Now, most people might think that the stretch marks have occurred due to excessive weight gain, but it can happen to you even if you have a perfect fit and healthy body type. 

  1. Marfan Syndrome: You are bound to get under the trap of a stretch Mark on your body in case you have varied existing health issues. If you have Marfan Syndrome, then it's a genetic disorder. The connective tissue of your body gets severely affected due to this problem. As a result of this, the tissues in your body stop growing and developing with time. The sudden stop of development leads to the clear visibility of the stretch marks. 

  1. Puberty: There are varied parts of the body that have fewer stretch marks when they develop. It's one of the most commonly prevailing reasons for the existence of stretch marks on your body. This being said, the stretch marks appearing due to puberty are not going to create health issues or are going to be dangerous. But, it can cause a drastic impact on how your body would look. Being a teenager, 99% of us are concerned about how our body looks. And, above all, if this, developing the stretch marks at such a young age can lead to inferiority complex issues. Thinking too much about it might lead to depression and suicidal attempts of being bullied by others. 

Key Takeaways 

We understand now that pregnancy is not the only reason for getting stretch marks on your skin. You can have them due for varied reasons, some of which might not seem so obvious yet they need to cause such scars. So, you need to have detailed knowledge of how these scars look and the fact that you can have them without pregnancy. As soon as you find anything on your body that is not like a usual body skin tone, and has an unusual weird look, go to the doctor's place and get consulted with the doctor there and then. It might be due to other health complications that would need an immediate concentration. 


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