What is the difference in dementia and Alzheimer?

      What is the difference in dementia and Alzheimer?



You might have seen in today's time that people refer to Alzheimer's disease and dementia disease as one of the same things but in reality, these terms have completely different meanings & the way they affect people in their personal lives. The Alzheimer's disease and dementia disease cases in India have tremendously increased in the last 5 years by almost 10 folds. Such an increase in the number is a matter of serious concern and requires immediate action. Dementia is a big umbrella term that covers a lot of things under it. In contrast to this, Alzheimer's disease is considered to be one kind of dementia illness. People should not think of Dementia to be a specific disease as it is not. 

Very much different from Alzheimer's disease, the dementia disease, depicts vast groups of aspects that indeed might lead to dementia at some time in the future. The common thing about Alzheimer's disease and dementia disease is that both of them can cause serious trouble in your brain leading to deteriorating the functioning of your brain cells. Such symptoms might lead you to relinquish your basic senses, understanding of things, and operate your daily work. 

The article today is going to help you to get well versed in the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's. 

What is the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's?

People often get confused between dementia and Alzheimers, the two most common diseases seen among people today. Using these two terms synonymously leads to unseen circumstances that even create more confusion & delay the right treatment. Although they are used Interchangeably, still they both carry their own individually unique significance. Dementia is particularly an umbrella word and should not be confused with being a certain disease. It has multiple symptoms that allow you to detect this illness at the right time. Your day-to-day functioning can get severely disturbed if you possess any of such symptoms. 

Dementia is generally a basic term but Alzheimer's disease is a particular illness of your brain & a part of dementia. Alzheimer's disease comprises all the symptoms of dementia and is bound to get worse with each passing day. If you have Alzheimer's disease, then initially it's going to take a big toll on a specific area of your brain that particularly deals with the learning component. While having this illness, you can experience initial symptoms like memory recognition problems, issues in thinking, understanding things & worsening reasoning skills. When this disease evolves with the time if left untreated, then the symptoms can get worse and in severe cases, you might end up losing your thinking capabilities, big confusion in everything you do, sudden behavioral modifications, and other major challenges. 

Symptoms of dementia 

Here are the symptoms of dementia illness- 

  • You might face a big hurdle in handling the matters that are concerned with financial aspects like paying monthly bills etc. 

  • You might undergo severe change where suffering from memory loss, miserable judgment & turmoil is common. 

  • You get least bothered about how others feel about you & you start to show the least care and sympathy towards other people. 

  • You might find it complicated to speak, comprehend and communicate your thoughts. You also face issues reading and writing down your thoughts and other things. 

  • You start to make your world, wander about it and detach from reality, neighborhood, and daily tasks. 

  • You seem to ask people to reiterate what they said as you count and understand it the first time. Moreover, asking other people for repeating questions is also commonly seen among the patients. 

  • Whenever you wish to find familiar items, you start to use the very unheard and weird words for them. 

  • You start to lose your self-balance. It might create unseen hardships related to your body movement. 

  • You seem to take more than normal days for accomplishing the daily basic assignments. Moreover, you feel next to no energy to wake up early, speak with people, and isolation becomes your new home buddy. 

  • People are also seen to be a victim of experiencing hallucinations and unseen delusions and paranoia. It might get really scary at times and a person might lose all of his consciousness due to these reasons. 

  • A person suffering from dementia might act aggressively, violently, and impulsively at certain times. 

What's the right time to visit the doctor?

You can face the symptoms of dementia & Alzheimer's disease due to numerous reasons. Its results are most often treatable & but in critical situations, these issues can't be treated. The best time to reach the doctor is when you feel that the daily functioning of your brain isn't going smoothly. If you face difficulties in thinking, memorizing & keeping the track of things, it's right to get an appointment with a doctor. You can get your situation thoroughly assessed, diagnosed & treated at the right time. The more you delay visiting a doctor at the right time, the more are the chances of your situation getting worse with time. Also, if you find anybody in your friend circle or family, who is going through such problems, make sure to speak with that person & book the appointment as soon as possible. 

Key Takeaways 

We learned through this article that dementia is different from Alzheimer's and should not be confused as the same thing. Alzheimer's disease is a part of dementia and the reverse is not true! There are various symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. You may find many of the symptoms to be similar among these two although most of them are different. Carefully check for all the signs at the early stages itself to save your life from getting worse, hard, and poor. It's best to quit the trouble before they arrive. So, if you are confused about what you are going through, then consulting a doctor is the right option rather than sitting and guessing. Visit the well-experienced healthcare specialist from the reputed hospital at the right time to avoid severe happenings later in the future. 



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