Gynecologist Dyachenko described ovarian cyst symptoms


Gynecologist Dyachenko described ovarian cyst symptoms

A cyst is an organ-specific fluid-filled capsule that is located in the organ's tissues. The cyst steadily gets bigger as the volume of fluid inside it rises, according to Daria Dyachenko on her Telegram channel.

The following are the top 6 ovarian cyst kinds, according to the doctor:

1. Follicular

Such a cyst grows immediately within the tissues of the organ in the region of an unruptured follicle. It can eventually go away on its own, but medical attention is necessary.

2. Ovarian

The tissues of the paired organ are unaffected, and this creation is created from the supraovarian appendages. Such cysts are unusual in that they can grow to huge sizes.

3. Endometrioid

Such a cystic growth "grows" from the endometrial tissues of the uterine mucosa and is filled with a secret of blood in endometriosis.

4. Mucinous

Such a neoplasm is among the most hazardous because it has a high likelihood of developing into cancer. It frequently has numerous cavities (chambers), and the mucin—a sticky substance resembling mucus—that fills it.

5. Dermoid

This cyst is an example of a congenital disease.

6. A corpus luteum cyst

It resembles a follicular cyst but is made of the follicle's corpus luteum. Typically, it shrinks to a small size and can finish by itself.

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