Is dark skin more prone to stretch marks?

Is dark skin more prone to stretch marks?

 Recent studies show that more than 90% of women face the occurrence of stretch marks on their body that just gets difficult to vanish with the passing time. Based on the factors of you getting the stretch marks, the right treatments can be applied to get rid of them from the roots. Just like skin types, genetics also plays a major role in deciding the occurrence of stretch marks. If anybody from your family line has severe stretch marks, then your chance of getting it also increases at the same time. Anybody can get stretch marks irrespective of color, nationality, sex, and caste. Even men are equally responsible for getting the stretch marks although the number of such cases is not as much as that of the women. 

The stretch marks can prove to be very itchy, irritating, and slightly pulled out in front of your body surface. It is very noticeable on your body although if you have dark skin, it might get less noticeable in people's eyes. It's because the darker the skin tone is, the more elastic it's going to be in reality. And, the focus of the people is laid more on the skin color than the stretch marks. Most of the time, you get the stretch mark spots on the invisible areas, where even you fail to recognize them in general. But eventually, if your skin tone is too bright, the chances of noticing even a single spot and not only the stretch marks get too high. 

The article today is going to make you well versed with whether or not dark skin is more prone to getting stretch marks. 

Is dark skin more prone to developing stretch marks in your body?

Yes, you can not deny the fact that skin color affects the prevailing stretch marks on your body. Based on your nationality, country, surroundings, and genetics you are bound to form the skin color. Although, this being said, the simplest reason behind getting it might differ for different people. Many scientists have discovered the presence of stretch marks in dark skin toned people. Although it's been said that there have been fewer reasons to catch the stretch marks because of their darkness in the skin yet many scientists contradict this statement. Although, this doesn't prove that people who have lighter skin tones are safe from developing the stretch marks on their bodies. They equally can get turned into the trap of this disease; the only difference is that the probability is higher among the dark skin toned individuals. 

In contrast to the above, one of the articles published on the website states that people who have deeper skin tones naturally have the least chances of getting under the trap of obtaining stretch marks. The reason stated in this article is that the people with the darker skin tones have the endless potential that tends to be additionally elastic in correlation to that of the people who have the pale or light color skin tones & types. Although they said that even in the dark skin tones, with the least probability, the stretch marks don't get 100% entirely transparent, unnoticed, or avoidable. Their conclusions were made through the strict analysis and evaluation of the recorded cases of stretch marks among women. All the information provided by then is verified through the legit sources & can be easily relied upon for future references. 

Another article published on the website, States that the darker skin tones or people having the dark complexions are closer to having such marks on their body area as compared to those with the light skin toned people. They covered this topic under the genetic section and said that the underlying reasons for this statement are still unclear and vague. They said that more than half of the dark complexioned women who suffered from this case have stretch marks problems and also that their mothers suffered from the same problem at least once in their lifetime. This analysis was made by the American Pregnancy Association and the results have been shared across the various renowned websites. 

Henceforth, it's the best debating topic and more research needs to be made by the recognized scientists on topics to come to the right decision and conclusion. Every research brings forth something new and unique. Hence, you can not rely only on one research. You need multiple sources of verification to get the right understanding of the situation. It's also because the group of people that are being taken up for the survey varies in every case. Hopefully, more deep diving into such core topics is going to bring the correct information to everybody's notice and lead to some strategic outcomes.  

Key Takeaways 

Although the stretch marks can not be 100% completely removed, avoided, or treated yet by taking the early stage remedies, the risk of getting the stretch marks can be severely improved. Having the right healthcare specialist is going to remove 50% of your problems. Take the right consultation if you find anything fishy & that will help you to diagnose and find the right treatment for you. The available treatments only lessen the occurrence of the stretch marks and don't treat or vanish it completely. You need to take special care in maintaining the hydration of your skin so that the right elasticity could be maintained, further reducing the scope of stretch marks among varied skin types. Although every type of skin is prone to getting the stretch marks that might be irreplaceable in most cases, pale skin tones are said to be more prone to be developing the stretch marks due to their elasticity feature. Irrespective of your skin tone and skin type, it's highly recommended to contact the doctor at the beginning as soon as you come across any of the symptoms of the stretch marks.

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