Kanya Express will assist with anaemia in young girls

 Kanya Express will assist with anaemia in young girls

The unique mobile health van, Kanya Express was introduced by the Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation (BIPF) in Sukinda here on Wednesday to support the Union government's campaign "Anaemia Mukt Bharat."

The Kanya Express will frequently monitor the haemoglobin levels of young girls, make it easier for government networks to distribute iron supplements, folic acid supplements, and deworming pills, raise awareness of anaemia-related disorders and balance nutrition and wellbeing.

Additionally, it will give teenage girls seed kits so they can start Nutri-gardens in the backyards of their homes, which will aid in completing their nutritional needs. Kanya Express will change the game for adolescent females by assisting them in understanding nutritional needs and resolving issues related to anaemia, according to BIPF CEO Shaifalika Panda. The goal of this initiative is to lessen the problems that anaemia and poor nutrition bring between generations, which will also lessen MMR and IMR in the area.

In the current year, 104 villages in 25-gramme panchayats in the Sukinda block will be served by the "Kanya Express," a specially designed mobile health vehicle. Along with providing iron and folic acid supplements and checking haemoglobin levels, it will work closely with the district's chief medical officer, social welfare officer, and education officer to address problems with adolescent girls' development in Sukinda. PDF DGM Nilendu Chatterjee was among those in attendance.

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