Gender Equality plan NOW-1


Gender Equality plan NOW-1

Gender Equality plan

The responsibility and contribution of NWO towards diversity and inclusion (D&I) in science is twofold:

NWO has the responsibility, position and means to exert influence on encouraging inclusion and variety within the scientific community. By encouraging diversity and inclusion within the primary method of NWO, decisive a transparent own course and setting criteria for the scientific community, NWO will bring its weight into grips on up diversity and inclusion in science. We have a tendency to do that with the questionable D&I granting policy of NWO.

At the identical time, we've got the D&I employer’s policy by means that NWO strives to be a comprehensive organisation with a various workforce. Facilitating research and increasing scientific and social group impact, in brief, the success of NWO stands or falls with the preparation, quality, dedication and variety of our workers. we try to understand a piece set during which there's area for variations, everybody will be themselves, and everybody feels safe and valued. ­­

The theme of diversity and inclusion has been high on the NWO agenda for several years. we have a tendency to adopt a positive approach that we have a tendency to target the further price of diversity and inclusion. to attain our ambitions, we've got adopted an integrated approach and work at the cultural, institutional and individual levels. the last word aim of this is often to understand a property embedding of diversity and inclusion among each the granting policy and also the employer’s policy of NWO.

In the connected Gender Equality set up (GEP), to be downloaded at rock bottom of this webpage, we have a tendency to describe all of the efforts, measures and actions of NWO-I. This set-up describes the resources, knowledge assortment and watching, coaching and capability and alternative interventions very well, supported the counselled focus areas that the European Commission needs for a GEP.

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