Here Are Some Ideas To Make Your Pregnancy Revelation Memorable


Here Are Some Ideas To Make Your Pregnancy Revelation Memorable


Having a child is a wonderful and beautiful experience. And you lack the knowledge or ideas necessary to shock them with this great satisfaction.

1) Design a Daddy T-shirt.

Create a "Hello Daddy" t-shirt for your spouse. And then give your lover his priceless gift as you enter the room wearing your "Hello Mommy" shirt.

2) The cake topper

Order your spouse's favorite dish, and adorn the cake with a topper that reads, "We Are Having A Baby!"

3) Pet Shirt

Create or purchase a shirt for your animal. Put the garment on your pet, and have them greet your partner at the door like little kids.

4) Label for Sparkling Fruit Juice

Feeling animated? Create a bottle label with an announcement of your pregnancy. Pour yourself a glass of sparkling fruit juice after that.

Once they realize it's a non-alcoholic beverage, they can become a little perplexed. Then expose the label, and they'll demand a real drink to commemorate this momentous occasion.

5) Photo Shoot

Make a shot of you and your lover by calling your photographer. Make "I'm pregnant" signs and cover your lips with a finger. Turn them around so they can read the news.

Once their response is documented on camera, they'll be grateful for the photo shoot!

6. Consuming Two Bowls

Eat more food than usual When they get the clue, offer yourself two bowls as well, and it will be the breakfast they will never forget.

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