Urging students to abstain from adolescent pregnancy


Urging students to abstain from adolescent pregnancy


Nigerian students have been urged to abstain from teen pregnancy, which has the potential to damage their futures.

The students were also urged to concentrate on their studies in order to avoid the negative effects of an unexpected pregnancy.

The call was made in Enugu at a one-day seminar hosted by the nongovernmental organization Centre for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative, CIPDI, in conjunction with Iliaki Group and Domark Health & Educational Foundation, DOHEF, to commemorate the 2022 International Day of the African Child. Mr. Samuel Ibekwe, the South East regional manager of Marie Stopes Nigeria, made the statement.

Ibekwe stated at a discussion on the subject of "Teenage Pregnancy and Menstrual Hygiene" those young children of school age should refrain from premarital sex in order to avoid damaging their future.

When a girl between the ages of 13 and 19 becomes pregnant, there is a strong likelihood that she will abandon her academic goals in order to become a mother at a young age, according to Ibekwe, who defined teenage pregnancy as a situation where a young person who has not yet reached the age of marriage becomes pregnant.

Therefore, he exhorted his followers to abstain from premarital sex in order to avoid the negative consequences that follow such behavior.

"Premarital sex should be avoided by children of school age. They shouldn't have sex until they are at least 19 years old, which is considered adulthood. This is because premarital sex will promote early pregnancy, causing girls to leave school and driving boys to become fathers at a young age.”

Teenage pregnancy has harmful effects and needs to be avoided. Premarital sex abstinence will prevent teenage pregnancy, he says.

Idaw River Girls Secondary School, Jesus Good Shepherd Academy, Sacred Heart Seminary, Nsude, and Special School for the Blind, Deaf, and Dumb, Oji River are the four secondary schools chosen from various locations in Enugu.

Earlier, Mr. Ifeanyi Nwanoro, President of CIPDI, revealed that the program's goal was to catch children when they were young and learn about the numerous difficulties they faced in school.

Lady Agatha Agu, the organization's vice president of planning and programming, spoke on behalf of Nwanoro and stated that the group is collaborating with all of the participating schools to provide the students with the resources they need to succeed and achieve great things.

Children at the event urged parents to send their children to school and also take care of their wards to help them become future leaders and urged governments at all levels to prioritize basic education for their brighter future.

The highlight of the event was a cultural dance presented by physically challenged kids from Oji River's Special School for the Blind, Deaf, and Dumb.

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