What are the benefits of kumbhak?

 What are the benefits of Kumbha?

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Kumbha Therapy is a breath retention mechanism in the yoga practice of Pranayama. It has four variations; inhalation i.e. Antara Kumbhaka, exhalation i.e. Bhahya Kumbhaka, the phase between inhalation and exhalation is Sahith Kumbhak and complete cessation of breath is called Kevali Kumbha. Kumbha is a mechanism through which voluntary or involuntary actions happen. The Kumbha mechanism is the core mechanism for proper heart functioning. 

Kumbha therapy helps to rejuvenate core muscular strength, regulating the balance and rhythm of the body. Kumbha improves the dynamism of the body, this dynamism creates changes in the organs, blood flow, metabolism, hormone flow, and the way we breathe. Holding and observing the breath is the key factor of this dynamism. Lifting weights, pushing, pulling, walking, and jumping all these day-to-day activities are based on the mechanism of holding breath. The Kumbha capacity varies from organ to organ, as we are talking about the collective functioning of the body, the collective kumbhak capacity of all organs implies the collective functioning of the system. 

Benefits of Kumbhaka Therapy 

  1. Strengthens the immune system to fight diseases 

  2. Increased physical and mental health 

  3. Improved sleep 

  4. Strengthens internal organs 

  5. Balancing regeneration and degeneration of cells 

  6. Improves energy system 

Kumbha Therapy helps with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, asthma, and mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.  Kumbha is considered to be a holistic approach to overall well-being. Kumbha Therapy is for everyone, but make sure you are fully aware of the process and under proper guidance. 


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