can endometriosis cause back pain?

can endometriosis cause back pain? 


Endometriosis is a very common ailment under which all those tissues that resemble the tissue lining your uterus connect to different organs of your body. The most common and immediate symptoms that you shall come across within a month are heavily bleeding and rough periods. It will cause you a bad stomach ache and unbearable pain. It has many symptoms and signs too for understanding & detecting the situation better. According to the research, endometriosis has ill effects on more than 11% of the American women that are of reproductive ages only falling between 13 to 51. To diagnose it early is a must thing to do although it might get tougher for you as a survivor and the doctor to detect it in the early stages itself. This is because the longer you stay with the endometriosis illness, the longer your chances to become infertile.  Above everything, the risk is associated mostly with cancers. Cancer, as you know, is a life-taking disease, therefore the vitality of recognizing it as soon as possible is very much advised. 

In the article below today, you are going to get well equipped with the knowledge that endometriosis can cause back pain. 

What does endometrial pain feel like?

The pain caused due to endometriosis is heavily painful and sometimes unbearable too. You will get huge periods of cramps or heavy bleeding. The pain you experience shall go beyond your uterus too. Other body parts are also equally to experience downfall to this illness that can be highly cumbersome for you. Apart from your uterus surrounding fields, you might go through heavy pain in the body parts like rectal pain, experienced sciatic pain, and bowel movements. According to one of the patients who went through his pain described that the pain feels like somebody is trying to control your body from inside and playing around. Your legs are equally going to experience the worst of pain while walking or just sitting. None of your body parts are spared by endometriosis. 

Apart from this, when you are in your periods, getting diarrhea along with endometriosis is also common. So, ideally, the pain that you will experience comprises all symptoms of diarrhea too. Getting cozy while having sexual intercourse with your partner might seem to be an invitation to the body ache. With every menstruation cycle, the pain will only get worse and worse making your condition even more critical. The pelvic pain caused due to this disease is also unbearable and highly painful. You really can not elaborate much about how exactly the pain would feel until and unless you go through it. The pain you experience is something that is 10 times more than having the worst period of cramps. It's something that even the OTC -  over-the-counter medications can not lessen the pain.  

Can endometriosis cause back pain?

Yes, definitely! The endometriosis illness is highly linked with causing back pain. This is because the endometriosis cells get attached to the backside of your body. This also pertains to your front side near the pelvic cavities. This back pain experienced because of endometriosis isn't like normal back pain. It's way more than that and the pain gets deeper & deeper inside your body. Moreover, just doing a simple exercise or converting your posture into a different one is not going to help soothe the problem or lower the symptoms of this illness. The stomach pain affects the pain in your uterus, that's beside your back leading to various other problems. Let's discuss this case through an example - 

Objective: In this section, we are going to discuss a case of an illness named endometriosis specifically for the lumbar vertebrae. There was a survey conducted and further, this literature got reviewed about endometriosis. You can explore the endometriosis problem in various other sites as well. These sites include nasal passages and abdominal scars along the pleural cavity. Also, researchers stated that this particular issue is hardly found in your spine area. More reports stating it is to be found in the spine are very few as they do nothing to prove the presence of endometriosis in the lumbar vertebrae.

Method: This is a study of a woman of 33 years. She discovered that she was going through immense back pain in her lower side. She said that her back pain was continuous for more than 3 years. The researchers said her pain was majorly due to the period's cramps. Post this the radiographs declared that the woman had a lesion inside her posterior L3 body. Post this, she went through a long surgery process. The surgery revealed that in the tissue biopsy, endometrial tissue is existing inside the lesion.

Results: The spinal vertebrae are indirectly related to endometriosis. It can cause pain in the upper abdomen, bowel motions, lungs, full bladder, urination, lower back, leg pain, and chest pain. 

Key Takeaways

Having pain in your lower back periodically while you are at your reproductive age doesn't necessarily tell you that you are suffering from Endometriosis. It isn't something that gives certainty of having this disease. But, doctors use that in 1% of cases, which might turn out to be the most obvious cause of having such illness. So, if you have experienced any sort of pain in your lower back then immediately consult the doctor and get treated. Based on your unique case, the doctor will perform a thorough diagnosis and further analyze your case. In general cases, the basic diagnosis of the gynecologist gets difficult. 

It's all because every individual experiences different symptoms of it. So, you can have other health problems as well that might be causing similar kinds of signs and symptoms. Ideally, the judgment is concluded by deep diving into your case by asking about your existing symptoms and by inspecting your vagina as well as the stomach.  Furthermore, the doctors will advise you on the suitable treatments in case you are caught with endometriosis.

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