Highest album sales in KPOP agencies


Highest album sales in KPOP agencies


According to the newest update of the Gaon Album Chart (now known as Circle Chart) for the primary 1/2 2022 (January – June), HYBE leads all K-pop agencies within the physical album market with a complete of eleven,093,641 copies. because of a solid creative person line up like BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT who are the foremost contributory to the label. LE SSERAFIM, who has debuted this year with 2 members of IZ*ONE, shows its sturdy presence despite a member bullying conflict. The physical sales for the half of this year are expected to be lower as a result of most of the artists of the labels are holding concerts rather than cathartic music.

In second place, there's SM diversion, with a complete of 7,101,835 copies. the corporate is thought for sturdy physical sales since its institution. NCT Dream and Red Velvet are carrying the company’s physical sales within the half of 2022. However the foremost spectacular is that the cluster Super Junior and its members, who debuted over fifteen years past, are still showing their sturdy presence within the trade. The physical sales for the half of this year are expected to be higher with the comeback of aespa, Girls' Generation, Red Velvet, and different NCT units like WayV and also the new Japan unit. Also, NCT 127 with success command a dome tour in Japan is anticipated to unharness an album within the half of this year. Besides that, the debut of a replacement boy cluster is extremely anticipated considering it’s has been 10 years since SM discharged a daily boy cluster (EXO).

For third, there's JYP diversion, with a complete of three,734,859 copies. JYPE shows stable sales once a year, showing its clever management. Stray youngsters are showing its promising prospect by being the sole boy cluster that oversubscribed over one thousand within the company. Also, NMIXX is revealing its promising prospect too, with over 400,000 copies oversubscribed in their debut. However the renewal contract of double extremely determines the trend for future sales of the corporate.

For fourth, there's spacecraft diversion, with a complete of 1,687,817 copies. This company is showing surprise sales because of its newer cluster, IVE. This cluster sells over 600,000 copies for its second single album and is expecting to sell a lot of within the future. Like LE SSERAFIM, IVE conjointly accommodates 2 members of IZ*ONE, and also the prospect of each team is extremely exciting.

And last, there's YG diversion, with a complete of 1,114,492 copies. TREASURE is that the main contributory cluster for the primary 1/2 this year. The physical sales for the half of this year area unit expected to be extremely high with BLACKPINK’s comeback.

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