Life-threatening postpartum depression, if neglected


Life-threatening postpartum depression, if neglected


   While women receive utmost care during pregnancy from their family members and friends, the focus shifts to the newborn after the delivery. There are many women who face postpartum depression and some even go through postpartum psychosis which is dangerous for both mother as well as the child.

 While attention is paid to the physical health of a woman before and after the delivery, her mental health is ignored. “Postnatal blues are very common and it occurs in 80% of women. They feel less energetic, sleep-deprived, and also go through crying spells. It gets resolved on its own. A healthy Food system plays a vital role in postpartum. Mother and baby should get nurtured since feeding is mandatory for the mother, the food should be planned and a compulsory diet must be implemented.

 Postpartum depression is more dangerous than postnatal blues and it occurs in 15% of the cases. “In such cases, women face depression issues and find it difficult to take care of themselves or the baby. Other complications associated with postpartum depression are difficulty in bonding with the child, no pleasure in any activity, inability to sleep, and hopelessness.

Postpartum psychosis, according to doctors, is another dangerous health issue that some women face. According to health experts, the mother should be separated from the child in such cases. This occurs in around 1% of the women and such women can cause harm to themselves as well as the baby. The symptoms include hallucination and sleep disorder. Mental health experts say women face many changes after delivery both within and around their surroundings. “Family members should cajole them. In India, postnatal care is taken done by the mother of the pregnant woman. Even partners are bound to take care of the child and mother since the medical center allows the partner in labor to be a part of emotional and physical support to ease the delivery of the baby.

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