How can women make themselves calm and happy during stressful days?

 How can women make themselves calm and happy during stressful days?

Everyday work, balancing work-life and personal life, handling relationships, taking care of family, finding time for themselves is quite a routine of women nowadays. It is obvious to have tension and stress from this hectic routine. But there are some days where it is much more than your limit, you feel numb and don't want to do anything. Those stressful days are meant to stay for a while but you should know how to keep yourself calm and happy even if the world is ending. 

What is stress? 

Stress is a feeling where people are emotionally or physically tensed. It is due to certain hormones which happen if something makes you angry, frustrated or nervous. It is your body's reaction to any challenge placed in front of you. It is good when you have a deadline to meet but if it lasts long it can affect your overall health. There are two types of stress— acute stress (short term stress that goes away quickly) and chronic stress (lasts for a longer period of time). 

How does stress affect the body? 

Our body reacts to stress by releasing certain hormones which make the brain more alert, cause the muscles to tense, and increase the pulse. It is good only for the short term for handling any situation. If the stress becomes chronic it affects the body severely causing health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, menstrual problems, depression and skin problems. 

What are the causes of stress in women?

The causes of stress could be different for different women. It could be because of:

  • Getting married or divorced

  • Starting a new job

  • Death of a closed one

  • Breakup

  • Getting deceived

  • Getting laid off

  • Having a baby

  • Career pressure

  • Retirement

  • Unemployment

  • Money problem

  • Problem at work

  • Assignment submission

  • Serious illness

  • Problem at home

  • Exam pressure

  • Upcoming meeting

What are the effects of stress?

Stress could have adverse effects in our lives but still people deny admitting having stress. Stress can cause various physical and emotional symptoms which must not be neglected. Some of the effects on us due to stress are :

  • Forgetfulness

  • Lack of concentration

  • Lack of energy

  • Headaches

  • Sexual problems

  • Diarrhea

  • Frequent pain 

  • Tiredness

  • Trouble in sleeping

  • Loss or gain of appetite

  • Loss or gain of weight

  • Increased consumption of alcohol

  • Breathing problem

  • Hairfall

  • Improper periods 

Do women face more stress than men?

Yes, women do face more stress than men because of their response to stress. Women are scientifically more emotional than men. They react more emotionally to anything than men because of different hormonal systems. They become more exhausted at emotional level and also they face more stress due to the different roles they play in everyone's lives. 

How can women  lead a stress free life? 

Stress is an everyday affair for any woman but that doesn't mean you have to stay with it affecting your health and  mental well being. Your mental health is in your hands, you are the one who can calm yourself and make yourself happy. No one else can make you happy if you don't want it yourself. Following are a few ways to remain stress free: 

  1. As there's a saying," early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". The same goes for women as well. So wake up early to maintain a healthy body.

  2. Make a routine and follow it to complete tasks on time and also make time for yourself and your hobbies. Hobbies help in relieving stress.

  3. Think and make a list of things or works that make you happy and optimistic. Try to indulge yourself more on activities that you actually like and keep yourself happy.

  4. Accept your situation and yourself as well. Acceptance is the key to happiness. When we accept a certain thing we surely don't know what to do with it but we also know that we don't need to think much about it as you will eventually face it.

  5. Self love and self care are very important for a healthy mind and body. Never stop appreciating yourself and always prioritise yourself over others.

  6. Continuously working or thinking can make you much more stressful. Relax a bit. Watch your favourite series, listen to your playlist, soothe yourself, calm yourself, take a nap and then work again on your daily activities.

  7. Meditation is said to be a type of yoga for cleansing your mind and getting to know your soul. Meditate often, it keeps you calm and positive.

  8. Concentrate and keep your focus on the thing you are doing. Don't think about multiple things at a time.

  9. Don't procrastinate. Do your work on time so that you don't regret later or don't have pressure at the last minute to complete tasks before deadline.

  10. Don't let any negative thought or person affect you. Have the balance of emotions and practicality. 


Stress is a part of our daily hectic life. It could happen due to various reasons and could severely affect both our mental and physical health. Women are more prone to stress as compared to men as women are more emotional and react emotionally. Women have different roles and responsibilities to fulfill. All these lead to stress which is our brain's way of reacting to things happening in front of us. Sometimes stress is helpful if it is for completing any pending task but if it stays longer it can cause various health problems. It is also important for us to understand that stress can be addictive, and it is not a normal way of living. It is up to us how we react to stress. We must not neglect the ill effects of stress and follow certain ways to keep ourselves stress free. Being happy and having a positive approach to life can make it easy even with thousands of stress and tension. It’s important that women dedicate time to themselves and work hard at maintaining balance in their lives, relationship, and family. Despite being a 21st century woman, you should not try to be like men because you are best at what you are. Just don't let your stress, stress you. 


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