How has cosmetic gynecology evolved as a trend in India?

How has cosmetic gynecology evolved as a trend in India?

Most women go through various vaginal-related issues which many times get very difficult for surgeons to completely rectify within a short period. Moreover, they have societal pressure, even the pressure from their immediate partners, of having a specific physical structure, and specific body so that they can have more pleasure while having sex. Earlier no such issues were occurring. Women were not very much aware and curious to learn about cosmetic gynecology; they were very much okay with whatever physical appearance or internal parts they had. But now is the time when things have drastically changed and even the smaller part that is not very much attractive or appealing to others, women prefer changing them instantly irrespective of whatever cost the surgery is going to take. 

Such increasing trends have brought huge changes to the world where women are accepting themselves and embracing their feminine side. They are more concerned about how to look, and how to feel and they are more curious about entering into their feminine era. If we check in the last 15 years there were not many gynecological treatments available for women. Yes, certain issues can be rectified but when it comes to just having a makeover for your own happiness that is not a medical necessity it is still considered by women so that they can be more confident in who they are. In this specific article today we are going to get well-versed in the recent changing trends in the field of cosmetic gynecology.

Cosmetic gynecology: Changing Trend in India

The trends in cosmetic gynecology are immensely changing in India. This type of surgery was readily accessible to only movie stars, models & other super famous or rich categories of people. But, now this surgery has become common even to the general public. This type of lavish surgery will help common women also to regain their confidence by changing the overall appearance of the female external genitalia making it look much younger & attractive. The best part is that women have become more vocal and open about their sexual desires and they're willing to change everything related to their sexual well-being and that is going to bring them closer to their immediate sexual partner. Such openness from the feminine side has created a lot of changes and shifts in the trends. 

Various feminine parts and genitals like the vaginal area are going to go through serious changes starting from the childbirth process, aging, and many other reasons. Due to this, you might experience less sexual pleasure & intimate enjoyment. That's why women go ahead with surgical procedures to make their vaginas look new, young, fresh, and untouched. And whenever they have sex with their partner, they can get closer to them and enjoy it to the maximum. There are various treatment options available for the woman but each of the treatment processes is going to vary based on her case and the extent to which she needs that surgical treatment. Not only this, there are various types of surgical tools, equipment as well as treatment options available today that has immensely increased in the last 10 to 15 years & also they are new in the market with the enhanced technology & the coming of artificial intelligence. So there are wide options available for you & you can choose any option from it if you have a large sum of money. So, for example, laser-based cosmetic nonsurgical treatments are more costly as compared to surgical treatments but both of them have their pros and cons so there are various options available for you to choose from.

Some other treatment options are Clitoral Hoodectomy, Labia Majora, Augmentation by fat grafting, Labia Majora Plasty, Labia Minora Plasty Hymenoplasty, Vaginal Tightening with Single Thread technique, Vaginal Rejuvenation with Laser, G-spot Amplification, Laser Vulvar whitening, Vaginal Rejuvenation with Radiofrequency, Laser vulvar skin Tightening, and Fillers and injectables. According to various online studies I. E., International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the cosmetic gynecology demand increased by 45% last year. Also, One of the studies conducted in 2008 on cosmetic gynecology stated that almost 31% of women went ahead with cosmetic surgery to improve and correct or rectify their functional impairment of the vagina. The same study suggested that almost 37% of women went ahead with the same surgery for their aesthetic pleasure and to embrace the feminine side. Apart from this, 31% of that range of women adopted this cosmetic gynecologist surgery for two reasons: to rectify their functional impairment as well as to have aesthetic pleasure reasons.

Key Takeaways 

We see that the trends set 10 years before in the field of cosmetic gynecology are not the same as the Trends that are there today in 2023. Moreover, these trends are going to enhance by 10x by the end of 2025 because of the demand for this market and this type of surgery is immensely popular among lots of women today. Every woman wants to look beautiful and to have confidence in her body with the best exterior as well as the interior parts. Most of them chose these surgeries completely because of aesthetic pleasure & to look good. 

Although these surgeries bring a lot of positive change in your life, nobody talks about the difficulties that women might have to face in the future on an immediate basis after this surgery. So make sure that you are well versed with everything in advance by having a proper one-on-one talk with the doctor and based on that understanding only you go ahead with the surgery. Also, the cost of cosmetic surgery was very much minimal 10 years back but now the cost has even increased by 50% so you can understand the vitality and the demand and increase in cosmetic gynecology. Take care of your pocket as well because you might end up spending all of your money on this. Such surgeries are not included in the medical insurance.

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