As humans, we come across several instances that lead to happiness, excitement, sadness, and depression. All these feelings are linked with events going on in one’s life. We feel happy when we’ve achieved a target for the month or got a raise. If the love of your life is going to surprise you, we are happy about it. We feel excited about a new pair of clothes or a new phone or newly in a relationship. We feel sad when we are not appreciated or included in the group. There is a sense of fear of being left out, and insecurity in many stages of life, which leads to depression if not properly treated.

Love is a mutual feeling and begins with affection. It is not a compulsion or rule that everyone has to follow. When both individuals show affection, care, trust, and belief; a bond is formed. To keep the bond alive, regular communication, lunch or dinner plans, FaceTime if is a long distance, etc. helps. Even the smallest efforts count when a bond exists between two individuals. Being in love does not mean giving up individuality and following the things your beloved says. Love means assuring freedom of speech and expression to both partners equally.

Both partners are in love when they confess their love for each other with no pressure and high expectations. Usually, the female counterpart is more emotional in matters of love, friendship, and relationship. Everything gets ‌easily affected by women more than men. They ‌create their own little world of fantasies and dreams for the partner which will arrive or has arrived. Men usually like to keep it simple and sophisticated.

Few unexpected turning points can arrive in the love life, if not addressed properly, they can lead to ruining the relationship. Mostly the relationship between a couple faces some common issues like long-distance relationships, less communication, less effective communication, etc. The long-distance couple has issues like time-zone differences, professional work, get-togethers, etc. In this scenario, all that they can do is find time in between work to send a sweet text or a quick call, which helps the other side to stay happy, focused, and accepted.

Being in a relationship takes a lot of effort. It can be challenging, but if the right ‌time and attention is given to the other side, things can be lucid. Even if couples cannot meet daily, a phone call, face time, or message can add a lot of meaning and relaxation to the stressed day. Few efforts from both sides leave a lasting impact on the relationship. Many of us come across issues in relationships, which ‌leads to break-up or heartbreaks. It is a tough time for both sides, but women are more sensitive and ‌think a lot so they get more affected by the heartbreaks.

The book by John Gray, “Men are from mars and women are from Venus” is an entire bible classifying the traits of all Genders lucidly. This New York bestseller book takes us on a tour covering all the aspects one needs to know about the opposite gender. Most of the serious topics are covered in a glee manner in this book, which helps both the genders understand, implement and become gender tolerant.

Men and women differ not only in physical aspects but also in psychological and physiological aspects. Men usually ‌go inside their caves when they face an issue and not open up. Whereas women ‌indulge in other’ problems or pain to overcome their own problems. Men usually avoid sharing certain things until and unless it is very necessary. Women already have an intimate group of people where she pours their entire day. Men do not compare their love life with others, they remain happy, content, and satisfied. Women believe in getting one step ahead of their Instagram followers to showcase how much she is loved by their partner.

WAYS TO DEAL WITH HEARTBREAKS–it is difficult to stay positive in tough situations like heartbreaks. For a woman, an emotional breakdown affects her entire professional and personal life. Here are a few points that can help uplift women facing heartbreak issues –

         TALK TO SOMEONE–it is unnecessary to face everything alone. Especially in situations like heart-breaks, women should take shelter from their friends and family. It is good to talk and share the way you are feeling, rather than compiling all thoughts and overthinking. Talking to your best friend, sister or anyone in the vicinity can help lower anxiety and less the chances of depression.

·         MAKE A NEW ROUTINE–when women undergo heartbreak, they should try making a routine, meeting new people, spending more time with family, joining an NGO for pro bono work, etc. can help. It’s always rejuvenating when you indulge in any sort of activity.

·DON’T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF–having a heartbreak or break-up or issues in a relationship is not always a woman’s fault. It can be an issue from both sides. Instead of taking the entire blame game on her side, she should take it slowly and divert her mind from the negativity that she faced.

      NOT JUDGING ALL RELATIONS WITH THE PAST TRAUMA–it is not a negative point to have a relationship ended. Not giving a second chance to someone else is a drawback. Whatever occurred in the past relationship is unnecessary, that it will occur in the new one, too. Women can begin afresh, with the utmost patience and trust when they wish to date again.

        FOCUSING ON THE GOOD–life does not end with a break-up or heartbreak. It surely gets paused. It’s difficult to overcome a sudden loss, but staying in the same pair of jeans for a week won’t work. Instead, it would be a great comeback in professional life and personal growth. Your friends and family will always remain as firm support whenever needed. It’s totally fine to ask for their help and pour yourself.

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