What are the advanced cosmetic gynecology treatments available in India?

What are the advanced cosmetic gynecology treatments available in India?

Everybody wishes to have a fulfilling life whether it's a man or a woman since it's the most basic need of a human. An unfulfilled existence may result in mood swings and engaging in wrongdoing that may eventually get you in trouble. Here is when the concept of Cosmetic Gynaecology comes into the picture. It essentially gives the woman's entire vaginal area a lift to look younger and more attractive. Sex is an integral part of every human being's life. Henceforth not getting enough pleasure during sex with your partner might drive you crazy causing intense tension or mood swings. Various surgical procedures have come into existence for helping you out with the right surgical remedy process. 

There is a risk that surgeons who have little to no experience performing vulvar or vaginal surgery (inside or outside the field of gynecology) will perform these procedures incorrectly. They might end up harming women as a result of this trend because there have been many different procedures described with very little scientific validation.

Recent advancements in technology now allow for nonsurgical, office-based treatments for female sexual dysfunction (VLS), vaginal health, as well as the vulva or vaginal aesthetic concerns. Both radiofrequency therapies and nonfractional lasers are a part of this technology. Losing vaginal tightness is very common due to giving birth to a child, aging prices, and because of other factors. In this article, you are going to learn about the Evolution of Cosmetic Gynecology in India. 

Evolution of Cosmetic Gynaecology in India

Cosmetic Gynaecology has evolved a lot in the last 10 years in India. Women have evolved a lot as they are open-minded about their sexual needs. The drive to have a better sex experience is forcing them to choose the Cosmetic Gynaecology field. Cosmetic gynecology, which comprises experts in gynecology, urogynecology, urology, and plastic surgery, has emerged as one of the elective surgeries for women fields with the fastest expanding subspecialties. This area of particular interest involves both functional vaginal repairs to improve or assist in restoring sexual function following changes that may occur after childbirth and or aging, as well as cosmetic surgeries to enhance the vulva or vaginal region's aesthetic look. Vaginal Rejuvenation (VR), also known as vaginal rejuvenation, is one of the earliest procedures covered by this subspecialty. It is the most contentious and debated. It is used to treat vaginal laxity syndrome (VLS). 

Scientific research has long demonstrated that prolapse impairs sexual function and after its rectification, sexual function is enhanced. The procedure is known as vaginal rejuvenation surgery, or vaginal tightening for sexual function. 

Women were once considered the object of sex, pleasure, and satisfaction during the era of the emperors and Maharajas. Allaudin Khilji has 50,000 plus concubines. Genghis Khan, King Edward VII of England, as well as Maharaja Bhupinder Singh Patiala, were considered to be very sentimental people who cared enough for women during that period. They had French, Indian as well as British surgeons who took complete care of the feminine parts. They redesigned, rejuvenated as well as remodeled their favorite concubines. They ensured that the women's breasts were the ideal size and form. It is how the cohort of cosmetic gynecology started during the ancient period. 

  • Clitoral surgery history: It started during the third century. It was the time when the Philumenos of Alexandria deeply explained the excision of the hypertrophied clitoris. Sopranos, a Greek physician. He initially published the written record of clitoral excision. Here the hemostasis comes into the picture using the vinegar as well as the styptic powder. 

  • Concept: The subject of cosmetic gynecology is expanding significantly everywhere. It is not surprising to see such tremendous growth in the industry. It also has helped millions of women regain their confidence. Consider researching aesthetic gynecology to determine if it would be a good fit for you if you're unhappy or have low self-confidence. Many women go to a cosmetic gynecologist with the motive of feeling better regarding their appearance. Plastic surgery has been treating issues for a while. The popularity of this kind of plastic surgery among women is skyrocketing. A lady may need this kind of assistance simply because of childbirth or other health difficulties. 

The whole health is affected by female pleasure when utilized properly. Cosmetic gynecology has increased a lot in the last 15 years so basically every next woman you meet is going with cosmetic surgery not only to have improvements in her private parts but also to improve the quality of her life, the entire dependence on her wealth. She is leaving people pleasing as well as becoming self-conscious. More and more women eventually want to look good because there have been a lot of new types of equipment and technology that have come into the picture that are new and very expensive. 

Key Takeaways

We hope that the above article on Cosmetic Gynecology evolution was able to give you some meaningful insights. You now have a strong insight into how cosmetic gynecology existed in the past and what it will likely look like in the long - run. There had been various kinds of controversies as well with the evolving of cosmetic gynecology because it was considered as a core subject of doing the wrong full acts but it is false to be said in reality. Cosmetic gynecology in itself comprises many minor surgeries for example labia surgery, vaginoplasty, clitoral surgery, etc.

All these types of surgery had their history, they were not very much evolved 15 years back from now but due to the upcoming modern technology as well as the sensibility or sensuality shown by women, it has come to a point where it has advanced a lot in its field. The market capital size of the cosmetic gynecology field is expected to increase by 20 % in the upcoming next 5 years due to the increase in demand by women as well as the increase in the number of qualified surgeons.

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