Going on a solo trip has been on everyone’s bucket list. Even those in school and college plan to go on a solo trip as soon as they get permission from home. Trips are usually thought to be more fun when accompanied by a group of people; family, friends, colleagues, etc. It is more fun when you join an adventure group where you know no one and have to spend the next few days with them. The solo trip is more of an adrenaline rush in the monotonous life everyone is living today. 

The male members can easily grab their backpacks and head to a totally unknown place without any fear. For females, it is a task to just leave and head on a vacation. The city where she is travelling should be more accessible, safer, and in a network area. Women nowadays are well equipped with devices, applications, and transportation. They know how to fix a car and ride a bike, and they are no longer dependent on other people. 

Many places in India offer a great spot for vacation which include local food, adventures to try, amicable stays, etc. Here is one of my solo trip experiences to Delhi which was hassle-free and worth remembering. 

Travelling to different cities has always been on my bucket list and writing the do' and don't while travelling has become a passion. Every city is known for its heritage, locality, and cuisine. The trip becomes hassle free when an itinerary has been made. I always make sure that my itinerary involves all the local cuisine and sightseeing. But what happens if at the last moment the hotel reservation prizes reach the zenith? The eagerness of the entire journey sinks like a titanic in minutes. One can always adjust with food and skipping a sight or two, but one can never adjust the stay no matter how luxurious their lifestyle might be. As the passion for travelling increased, the need to decide on a budget and stick to it also came into the picture. For travel bloggers like me, a sustainable stay that fits the pocket was very necessary. For saving my soul and pocket, the backpacker's hostel came as my knight in shining Armour.

The next city on my bucket list was the capital, New Delhi. Shining tall and strong, always rushing and gushing like wind and upgrading with time, this city has seen empires rise, fall, and establish. The heritage places, the local food, the market, and the story of different people eagerly attracted me. Since it was a week's stay and had to plan it impromptu, the backpacker's hostel popped up in my suggestions. I went through the site and saw some amazing hostels' at very affordable rates. They weren't the typical college hostels we all stayed in, they had facilities just like hotels but with a pocket-friendly rate. The location of backpackers was nearby the city area so that it could be easily reached and one could commute hassle-free. 

Each backpacker offered two types of room - Private and dormitory, according to the need of the visitor. The city of New Delhi has a diverse range of tourist attractions no matter what the season is. The international fraternity can easily access such hostels, which maintain hygiene, offer breakfast, a central location, etc.

The greatest advantage of Backpacker' is that once the booking is made, it is fully guaranteed, and if any issue occurs from their side, one can easily claim. The backpacker' has gained trust from over 170 countries with more than 35,000 hostels. As I was travelling solo to Delhi, I chose the dormitory. It carried the advantage of meeting new people and connecting to the fraternity present at that time.

There is a backpacker app also which helps connect to the people who are arriving on the same date as us. This helped my solo trip turn into a social one. I selected the Zostel near the railway station in the Paharganj area of New Delhi. A well-maintained, cosy stay made all the travelling tiredness evaporate. The fine blend of modern-day Delhi with a pinch of heritage could be observed in the vicinity. 

I was lucky to share the dormitory with like-minded people from Germany, who had arrived to study the architecture and history of the finest monuments in New Delhi. We had a great time travelling the lanes of Delhi in leisure, shopping in Sarojini Nagar that too in pocket-friendly price, tasting the local cuisine, and spoiling the taste buds with such authentic food. 

We were guided by the team at Zostel whenever and wherever needed. They were genuine and kind-hearted people who gave us information to the point so that we did not get misled. The entire journey to New Delhi was worth experiencing due to the backpacker's hostel decision that I made. The credit for a sound journey goes to this amazing hostel and staff which kept in mind the need of its customers. Searching for a pocket-friendly hostel is surely applaudable but getting a backpacker' is an achievement in itself. 

I definitely recommend all the travel bloggers and vloggers to experience this once-in-a-lifetime moment at the Backpacker's hostel to rejuvenate, recreate and reunite!!!!!! 

As a travel enthusiast and woman, I always plan my trips that are budget-friendly, involve adventure sports, discovering local cuisines, and rejuvenation stays. The ICHHORI website is a source of inspiration to many women who wish to discover a lot of things, spreading awareness and equality through words. 

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