Love occurs mutually between opposite genders and even the same genders. It is not a replica of what occurs in movies, it is a feeling, bond, connection, and subtleness. Love is not an exam that everyone has to prepare for, suffer and clear. It is a strong foundation of trust, loyalty, and belief that ensures safety with each other in a growing relationship. Usually, the image of people in love is made skeptical and such that they have committed a crime. Even if we as humans have made it to the moon, confessing one’s love towards their own family is a task in itself.

The new generation has made everything available at their fingertips with unlimited internet access. This freedom has no restriction and watch, it can be a bane for a few and a boon for some. The growing and booming world of erotic movies and pornography has hyped the concept of love. More than love, it has just become a tool of sensuality and eroticism. Every couple starts fantasizing about that like the movie couple rather than keeping it natural.

Many of us grew up watching typical Bollywood love stories, where in the end everything was sorted and the ones in love finally met. These movies, serials, and nowadays series on the OTT platform have raised the standards of love, friendship, relationships, etc. It has created a whole new dream world for every viewer, making them believe in the quote that “love is blind”. The word love has a wide definition, people love their pets, things, work, friends, family, etc. All this love has a certain extent and does not exceed more than a limit.

Every movie is either based on erotic scenes or has few erotic scenes. Due to this, the young generation rushes to watch such shows on the first day of release. The scenes are hyped up to such an extent that it is difficult to replicate them. Due to such scenes, these movies turn to earn more at the box office, get higher views on release in OTT, have more chances of pirated copies and have more ratings, and recognition in award shows. A few of the most watched and recommended movies that have aroused fantasies in many generations are The wolf of the wall street, Fifty shade trilogy, American pie, 365 days, etc. All these movies get more attention and focus from the youth audience.

PHYSICAL NEEDS -  In the stage of puberty, a girl undergoes many changes in her body. These changes include both physical and emotional. Girls should be given proper knowledge about the changes occurring so that they do not panic and be open to asking questions. Menstrual cycle and sex education are topics that should be made gender-neutral and gender sensitive. The first guide of a girl who has attained puberty is her mother and sister in the household and the second guide is her school teacher.

There are many myths associated with menstruation, sex education, physical pleasures, and physical needs but the ICHHORI website clears it all for all age groups women. The site is for women, by women, and of women. It covers almost all topics that for some reason are put into the taboo category. Every issue, every right, every disease is covered keeping it women-centric.

The arousal of physical needs is very natural for both women and men. It’s just that the topic is under the taboo category and cannot be discussed in open. With attaining puberty, one gets to know the functioning of each organ and the type of feeling received from it. More contributions to arousal are the erotic movies and series, which raise the standards of physical needs. The trend of one-night stands, blind dating, and calling sex workers just to fulfill their physical needs has increased tremendously. It is totally alright to fulfill the physical needs till it is respectful and does not harm the dignity of women especially. People in relationships usually attain the phase of getting physical which brings them closer and makes them more committed to each other.

There are different types of relationships which include open relationships, long-distance relationships, regular relationships, etc. Couples may meet after a very long time and just a video call or FaceTime is not enough, physical needs should also be satisfied. In this situation here are a few things women can do to overcome their physical needs –

·         Indulge in activities – if you sit ideal and just keep multiplying thoughts, it’ll become mundane and difficult to control the needs. Instead one should join some activities to keep their mind distracted. Baking, podcasts, recording music, swimming, joining sports, etc. can help boost adrenaline and reduce the urge for physical needs.

·         Self- satisfaction – it’s difficult to control all your emotions, especially your physical needs. If the urge to indulge physically surpasses every feeling, the act of self-satisfaction is an option. The art of caressing one’s own body parts can help compensate for the physical needs and intercourse feelings when it is not possible or when your partner is far.

·         Meditate – this Indian art has helped many people excellently gain control of their senses. When one can control one’s own mind, thoughts, and senses, it becomes very easy to control one’s own desire. This art is practiced worldwide by many educated people and ascetics. It has helped people detach from the materialistic world and physical needs for a period.

·         Determine and accept the fact – once you know that you are in a position where your physical needs cannot be fulfilled or it’s not the right time and age for indulgence, accepting the fact is the best way to control one’s desire. Instead, keep something in front of you to keep you determined and focused. If the physical needs are fulfilled every time you wish, the mind and body will keep expecting and raising the bar. It’s like babysitting, it’s not always necessary to fulfill all the demands of the kid, it’s alright if denied once.

Having physical needs is very common and natural in every one of us. It’s not a written rule that those women in a relationship should keep control and those who are married should always fulfill their needs. It is a healthy sign to keep control of all senses, if physical needs override other things, it becomes difficult to control them. Everything looks good and feels good when done within a limit, it applies to the needs of both men and women.  

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