The awareness of sexual education

The awareness of sexual education  



The importance of sexual education is available in many sources, even though it’s widely said and discussed and explained topic  it’s never enough and it’s not precisely straightforward information. There should be awareness regarding sex education for both the genders must know about  it.

This article describes the awareness of sexual education among women and teenage girls.

Women have an idea about sexual  intercourse. They can understand the awareness, but the significance and the knowledge about this topic are very much needed in the teenage girls, who can go astray and falls prey to bad influence. 

Even some women do not have sufficient awareness, which should be totally avoided.

In this article you can see some of the practical ways that is ideas that is easy to follow and applicable to now-a-days, and can solve all the curious questions wandering around many minds regarding this exclusive topic.

Some of the ways, how to educate and create awareness among women regarding the sex education:

GAIN INFORMATION FROM PROPER SOURCE: Most women make a common mistake. They gather information from the unknown resources and get advice from inexperienced people who do not possess proper knowledge, and peer groups who assume things, and also have less experience. 

Take your curiosity to the proper resources where you can get valid, scientific, truthful information.

Getting awareness about these topics was very difficult and awkward for our parent‘s generation which was a bit orthodox, and conventional, but it’s not that difficult and embarrassing, and awkward for our generation, it’s cool and good to have awareness.

GETTING THE RIGHT INFORMATION IS SMARTNESS: It’s normal to have tons of questions, opinions, and feelings regarding these kinds of topics which hold a variety of topics within. But what you do make a comeback way in your mental health. You can reach out to some of the available resources.

Which provides proper, all the essential information in an accurate way in friendly language. 

You could refer to the videos where experts discuss all the necessary information and it’s always a smart decision to get the right information from the experts like doctors, specialists, Good books from good authors.

With the help of internet, one could access to good quality verfied people who spread awareness among many people.

WHAT’S WRONG AND WHAT’S RIGHT: Teenagers  are basically, the beginners who are exploring, learning all the stuff for their knowledge.Whereareas adults keep figuring out about themselves whether their knowledge is right or the they still have misconceptions.

But with exact common sense, to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong it all depends on your gut feeling. Your feelings never go wrong. Just trust your instincts. Let see that through a example, Our body functions on our actions, intentions, feelings. We naturally have the feeling,  we can naturally sense the differences between good touch and bad touch.

It’s all about us, we naturally do the right things, what does not feels right is not definitely not right for you.

Most of the women basically young women always falls into peer pressure and do the stuff, activities that they actually don’t wanna do it, or they wanna do that differently,they try to fit into the genre of being cool and they basically don’t want to miss out commonly known as FOMO.

You are the person who will decide what is good for you, but the before making any conclusions, perception you must have the correct awareness and guidances.

YOUR PROTECTION IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Your protection is literally in your hands, nobody can do that for you.Your ignorance can cost you. You must be aware of your body and the changes that takes place, your periods, your hormonal changes, your mood swings , your protective contraceptives, your way of acquiring knowledge to sex education, your comfortness around your friends, strangers, partner.

Awareness about sex ed is vital and totally unavoidable, and not very complex concept to understand.

The guidance must be acquired from experts and not all the rumors must be trusted, you need to verify the truth, keep the fantasy, fictitious thoughts away, everyone goes through this phase and everyone figures out about sexual education and its  awareness on their own way by taking their own time.

You need to find how to protect your health, you must be aware of how to have hygienic periods, how to take care of your vaginal health, how to take care of your vulva, how to protect yourself sexually transmitted infections and diseases, vaginal infections, diseases, how to differentiate between good touch and bad touch, are you in good relationship whether you are okay and is you mental and physical health is unharmed in anyway. You can find a lot of reliable resources which provide awareness for absolutely free. All you need to do is spend some quality time for yourself to figure out such things and to gather knowledge and awareness.

DISCUSSION: Discussion may not sound good ,ladies,  but what is meant here is discussion about the awareness with your trusted closed ones, what , how , when, why such factors must be discussed with the people who basically don’t judge you, to gain more knowledge they will show a way and present you a good guidance. 

You can discuss your inconvenience and be open with your trusted , closed, loved ones, if you face any kind of trouble and speak up your thoughts with them openly.

Most of the times, we cannot speak about these things with our parents, our any family members who are adults like Grandparents, uncle, Aunt. 

So speaking with trust-worthy friends, cousins, seniors friends,siblings, teachers, doctors who can be very helpful, non-judgemental, has some sort of good awareness and is capable to give apt solutions and hear your thoughts without being awkward and making you feel embraced about your views, problems, lack of knowledge.

TThis topic is still ignored to the maximum extent and awareness is not available from family members mostly. Most of the parents do educate their children but most of the parents don't do that.

These were the some of ways, ideas to create sexual awareness among women.

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