10 Reasons for Late Periods in Teenage

10 Reasons for Late Periods in Teenage_ichhori.com


Teenage is the time when a lot of mood swings and hormonal changes take place. Periods can be a very painful experience for some girls especially when it's for the first time. And, not getting them on time again could be a big matter of concern for us. But, with the right knowledge and understanding of things we can fight such problems and break the wall of worries and assumptions. Well, girls getting periods is obvious. There are numerous reasons for getting periods late like stress, being overweight, poor diet, etc. But is the thought of not getting your period on time bothering you every day? Well, then you should go through this article. 
In this article, you will learn about 10 different reasons that lead to late periods among teenagers. 

Top 10 Reasons why teenagers get Late Periods

Here are the top 10 reasons for getting late periods in teenagers -
Too Much Physical Exercise: It may be the case that you are an active sportsperson in schools and colleges. Continuously practicing sports games like volleyball, basketball, running, cycling, etc could lead to delays in your periods. You might be prone to doing yoga, or exercising daily which can be one of the major factors of periods getting delayed in girls.
Hormonal Imbalance: Changing from childhood to the teenage phase to the adult phase, girls go through a lot of hormonal changes. Most of these hormonal changes are visible to you in the physical form. Especially your muscles, breasts, and so many other changes as you grow up. Such internal changes happening in your hormones are the biggest reasons for the delayed periods. 
Low Calories Intake: It might be the reason that the food you are eating daily is surely very much low in calories. This might be the biggest cause of not getting the period in time. Try to eat more and more calorie-rich food and make it a daily habit. It will in turn help you to cope with the problems you're facing during your periods.
Underweight: The low BMI value might lead you to have an underweight problem. You might not be having the appropriate weight due to which you do not have the required vitamins, nutrients, and proteins in your body. Due to such energy deficiency, the body will not easily accommodate changes occurring during the period phase and will slow it down leading to delay. In most cases, girls might be having anorexia or bulimia affecting their health. It usually occurs due to the worst eating habits and poor diet. 
Overweight: You might be having the capacity to eat too much junk food. Due to bad body fat, you gained extra weight. If you are eating food like pizza, burgers, macaroni and street food, etc, then it's likely to gain extra weight. This extra weight is the obvious reason for not getting a period on the relevant dates leading to a delay of 2 or 3 months. 
Just Started with Periods: When you just got your first period, it's pretty much possible to have a delay in your upcoming menstruation cycle. It is because her body is adjusting to the new concept of menstruation and accommodating it gradually. So, missing periods by a month is normal if it is immediately after your 1st or 2nd period. Moreover, if the delay occurs by a gap of 4 to 5 months, then there is worry and consulting a doctor is the only solution. 
Pregnant at an Early Age: It might be the reason that you are pregnant at a very early age during your teenage time. If that's the case, then surely you would not get your period till the time the child is in your belly. Take a pregnancy test, if you feel that you have encountered any physical intimation instance with other men. The test will help you find the right thing and discuss it with the doctor and your parents about such scenarios. It's because you might be too small to understand these things and elders are the right people to get you out of these troublesome events. 
Existing Medications: It might be that you are taking too many medications for headaches, stomach aches, eyesight, or any other existing illness. Such a high dose of medicines when taken inside your body reacts with the menstrual changes taking place. It then ultimately leads to the delay in periods as the body could not accommodate so many things at once, so it halts the coming of periods and that is very much normal. 
Poor Lifestyle: If you don't have a proper schedule of waking up, eating, and doing your tasks, then probably you are living a life filled with poor lifestyle habits. You need to fix the time for everything from your studies, meditation, and fun activities to sports enjoyment. Failing to do so will affect you as well as your mental health. 
Depression, Stress, and Anxiety: Getting under the trap of stress is common nowadays. We often go through a lot of internal changes during this phase, hence breakups are common. Moreover, performing well in studies or other insecurities could be some of the reasons that result in unwelcome stress. The more stress a girl takes, the more depression and anxiety she is going to develop. Such a loosening grip on mental well-being affects your menstruation cycle. Once it gets affected, you probably face a period of delay. 

Key Takeaways 

We learned today that irregularities in periods could be because of several reasons. Low weight, or too much weight, poor lifestyle, and stress are some of the reasons teenage girls face delays in their periods. The best thing to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits and meditation. Consult a doctor if the delay has been taking place 2 times consecutively in a row. He will diagnose your case and provide you with some meaningful and helpful remedies to overcome this dilemma. 


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