How long is Femilift?

How long is Femilift?

Alma Lasers’ FemiLift is an exciting duct rejuvenation treatment women will get pleasure from. FemiLift could be a CO2 optical device procedure that rejuvenates the vaginal tissue, serving to women resolve several considerations, like vaginal less moisture and sexual inconsistency. Board-certified medical practitioner and the team at, offer this service for women who would like help, as well as those that have older birth or climacteric. The results of a FemiLift treatment will last for many months. you may get pleasure from the results for up to 2 years before you need another treatment. The time frame varies by patient, however you'll be able to realize some nice results you’re sure to love.

How will vaginal rejuvenation work?

The FemiLift method is an exciting treatment that takes but an hour, on average. A handpiece can reassess the labia and female genital organ. The CO2 heat made by the handpiece can stimulate albuminoid production within the duct space, raising its practicality. The wand might also directly enter the duct region, though whether or not this can be necessary can vary by patient. The wand conjointly incorporates a measuring device that helps change the temperature within the space. The hassle keeps the tissues from being injured, creating it easier to manage the work.

What results can you experience?

FemiLift provides some wonderful results that employment well for city patients. It will boost your vaginal tone and tighten the duct tissue. It conjointly boosts lubrication levels therein space. You’ll scale back your risk of incontinence, because the duct tissues are stronger and easier to regulate. you will conjointly expertise a healthier and a lot of active sex life, because the duct region can keep practical and effective. The following keeps your duct region feeling comfy and robust while not being onerous to manage.

When can you wish for another treatment?

The results from your FemiLift procedure will work wonders for your life. However the timeframe for once you’ll need any treatment can vary by patient. It takes one or 2 FemiLift sessions spaced a couple of months apart to expertise the most effective results. you may conjointly spot the most effective results from the hassle concerning two – three months following the procedure. The results can last for eighteen – twenty four months following the work. The precise time frame can vary by person. You’ll need a maintenance treatment afterward timeframe to assist you maintain the results. make sure to notice however well you’re feeling before determinative if you need a follow-up service for your FemiLift wants.


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