What should I do if my periods are late?

What should I do if my periods are late?ichhori.com


Are you worried about your delayed periods? Late periods might bring all worries and troubles so you end up with a lot of anxiety about getting late periods. Well, no need to worry because missing your period doesn't always mean you are pregnant. There are causes of getting late periods like stress, poor diet, bad sleeping schedule, high-level alcohol consumption, etc. Females often face delays in periods by 1 or 2 months and that's considered to be normal. But, in case your periods are getting delayed by more than 2 months then surely it's a matter of concern. Not getting our periods on time severely affects our bodies leading to other drastic ailments in the future. 
The best you can do is maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure healthy menstrual periods ahead. Go for a pregnancy test at home and check if you're pregnant or not. Apart from performing the pregnancy test, if the result is negative then you need to immediately get in touch with the gynecologist. Doctors diagnose and recognize the problem better by letting you know the exact reason behind such a delay. In this article,  you are going to learn about the things that you should be doing in case your periods are not on time. 

What should I do if my periods are late?

Not getting periods or Losing monthly periods can be a big matter of concern for all of us. We have a few ways to overcome it that will help you get the missed periods back. Here's the list of those remedies -
If you are on a very restricted diet where your body is not getting the nutrients, vitamins, or minerals then it surely is the reason for delayed periods. Moreover, if you have a very bad diet where you skip meals, don't take meals at least 3 times a day, or are surviving only on junk food, then it also leads to delay in the periods. Take proper, fresh fruits, green veggies, and dry fruits to provide all the required support to our bodies. By making small changes to our eating habits, we can bring forth the big changes ahead. 
Are you addicted to alcohol or smoking? Well, if this is the case, then you should stop it immediately. Consuming too much alcohol and smoking often deteriorates our body cells leading to insufficiency of your body to smoothly perform periods. Lower your consumption from taking it daily to twice a month or nothing at all. We all know the impacts it has on our bodies. Now is the time to face the reality and change our habits for our betterment. 
If you are underweight due to issues like anorexia or bulimia or overweight, then it contributes highly to your menstruation stoppage. You might experience delays in periods by a few weeks or even months, in case you have gained too much weight or are a patient with too little weight. Eat healthy food to overcome this issue. 
If you are a sports person or an athlete, then it's very much likely to have late periods. It usually happens due to too much physical activity, and that extra strength consumed might lead to delays in periods. It happens when you're continuously doing physical exercises daily, so cases of losing periods are common and normal. Don't do these exercises that badly affect your body. 
If you use birth control pills more often, then it might be the reason for getting delayed periods. You might be used to taking the morning-after pills leading to slow periods or no periods at all. Avoid using birth control pills more often so that you can maintain a healthy menstruation cycle. 
One of the most obvious reasons for delayed periods could be the scenario where you have encountered pelvic region surgery or the curettage. Consult a doctor to get the answer. 
You might be a patient with a polycystic ovarian syndrome which often leads to delayed periods. Get tested and work on it as per the suggestion given by a doctor. 
In most cases, it has been seen that patients who suffer from fibroids and endometriosis get late periods due to the disturbed menstruation lifecycle. Gynecologists would suggest hygiene, and lifestyle changes. 
If you are undergoing any disease that is affecting your pituitary gland and hypothalamus, then it might be the biggest cause of not getting your periods back on time. You might be advised to go on medications for getting periods back. 
If you are a patient in the Postpartum phase, then it's surely the reason for missed periods. Mind that periods will return once you have completed the process of breastfeeding. Make sure to inculcate the use of contraceptive methods while breastfeeding your child. 
Sleeping disorders also have been reported to cause late periods in women. Due to our hectic schedule, we often give less privilege to sleeping on time and peacefully. It highly impacts our brain functioning and other parts of our body. Sleep on time and wake up in time for better results. 
Another reason for getting periods late might be the changes taking place in your ovary. Consult a doctor and take proper remedies to reverse such changes. 

Key Takeaways 

Getting periods is quintessential for our bodies to function properly. However, there might be several incidences that might disturb this cycle leading to badly affecting the periods. Not getting periods on time gives us a mini-attack, isn't it girls? But, not to worry, there are several reasons behind it like stress, ovarian changes, poor diet, etc that we discussed in this article today. We're here, advising you to straightaway visit the gynecologist and get yourself treated to find the obvious reason behind having late periods. Also, perform all the remedial solutions as much as possible for overcoming the delayed periods' problem. With few lifestyle changes, you will be able to get a healthy body which in turn will lead to a better experience during menstruation. 


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