How safe is Airbnb in India for female travelers?

                         How safe is Airbnb in India for female travelers?

How safe is airbnb in india for female travelers?_ichhori.webP

To know what Airbnb is?


Airbnb is an emerging online service that links hosts who like to rent out their home (or part of their home) with travelers for one who needs a place to stay and rather avoid hotel stay. The name “Airbnb '' derived from three clever tycoons who started an air mattress bed and breakfast in their loft, which made them become a multi-billion-dollar company. A good reputation is still continuing for Airbnb because of safety and security. According to Airbnb, approximately 2 million people stay in an Airbnb every single night across 100,000 cities worldwide in concern with the safety process. In recent years, Airbnb has tightened its restrictions and regulations for hosts in a way to protect the renters. Airbnb's motto is to give the safest experience to those who use the service.


Coming to the topic, is Airbnb safe for women travelers?


The following are a few points to share before selecting Airbnb and making the travel safest experience for women who travel single


To know the location of the Airbnb

Whatever our choice could be either Hotel Stay or Airbnb, the foremost criterion is, it’s always better to know in detail about the location of your intended destination. In spite of being the safest stay, one must verify whether Airbnb is safe in certain locations? Here are a few questions to research:

  •        What is the local crime rate?

  •        In what neighborhood is Airbnb located?

  •        What is the location’s reputation?


Host verification

Property and therefore the owner. you'll pull together quite a little bit of info from what a host shares (or doesn’t share). If a host takes the time to form a useful, communicative page, the likelihood is larger that Airbnb is a safer bet.

As you peruse profiles and rentals, you’ll notice that some hosts have a “verified identity” badge on their Airbnb profiles. This demonstrates that the host has taken further measures with Airbnb to verify who they're. Not each host is verified that the “verified badge” adds a layer of safety and security.

Additionally, the “super host” badge means that customers extremely advocate the host. Airbnb reserves its “super host” standing for the best possible hosts who systematically receive smart ratings and reviews over time. If you would like to be as safe as attainable, book an Airbnb with a brilliant host.

Here is what the basic info associated Airbnb profile ought to contain. Any missing info in this regard ought to raise red flags.

  • Government ID

  • Phone range

  • Email address

Are the Reviews For the Rental Typically Smart or Bad?

Reading the reviews and checking the ratings for a particular Airbnb are 2 of the best ways that you'll guarantee your safety for a particular rental. Hosts could exaggerate the standard of their rental, however, renters can usually paint an additional correct image. hunt for patterns within the reviews. One negative comment or review might not be problematic, however multiple negative comments or reviews ought to signal a retardant.

  • Is Airbnb clean?

  • Do guests have issues regarding safety?

  • Are there similar complaints regarding constant property?

When trying to find a rental, try and find an area with 50+ stays or a rating of 4.8 or higher. whereas these details don't essentially guarantee an ideal visit, they're arduous metrics to succeed in while not being an honest rental.

What are the House Rules?

Each Airbnb host has the choice to transfer a house manual as a part of the web listing. This document may be a helpful piece of knowledge that features pointers and rules that exist for individual property. Violating these policies places the renter in danger of eviction and/or could lead to the renter being controlled and answerable for injury to the property. These house rules are helpful for understanding a way to keep safe throughout a visit. they're conjointly useful for obtaining a much better understanding of the house and property prior to time.


How Responsive is the Host?

Airbnb has distinctive, intrinsic electronic messaging capabilities on its marketplace platform that build it simple to speak to a number. continuously use the intrinsic electronic messaging system to speak to the host as this adds some answerableness and protection throughout the exchange.

The host is a smaller amount probably to require an advantage or build dishonest claims on the Airbnb electronic messaging platform which will simply be tracked by the Airbnb facilitation team. (Any queries or issues ought to be shared here.). The electronic messaging feature is very useful once making an attempt to urge an honest feeling regarding the place you're considering renting. Reach out and raise any questions you have got.

  • How useful is the host’s response?

  • Do you get any unhealthy feelings following your discussion?

Any red flags throughout your communication ought to raise red flags generally speaking about the rental. While it isn’t a guarantee, an honest rental is mostly operated by an honest mortal. Once in doubt: trust your gut.

Will Anyone Else Be Staying on the Property?

Airbnb listings should embrace info regarding who else is staying on the property or who might need access to that whereas you’re visiting, however here are 3 useful inquiries to raise the host if there's any doubt:

  • Will anyone else have access to the house throughout the stay? (This includes gardeners, roommates, or improvement folks, for example)

  • Is the rental utterly private?

  • How is the rental secured?

If any of this info proves to be incorrect throughout your keep, contact Airbnb forthwith.

Cleanliness of the property

Specifically, in response to the pandemic, Airbnb currently needs all hosts to follow an increased improvement method. And it’s within the host’s best interest to stay the rental clean. However, it’s an honest plan to bring your own improvement if you're involved in any respect regarding the cleanliness of the property. Many travelers bring their own disinfecting wipes, as an example, and do a fast wipe-down on basic surface areas to chop down on germs. You can notice the CDC’s basic recommendations for house improvement and disinfect here.


What is the Airbnb Refund Policy?

No matter what proportion of designing and analysis you are doing prior to time, there's continuously a small risk that the property won’t be everything you hoped it might be. In the event that the host hasn’t been forthright regarding the property otherwise, you didn’t receive what you were secured, you must grasp what’s lined.

Here are some basic reasons you will be eligible for a refund:

  • The rental doesn’t match the outline or photos

  • The listed range of rooms or loos is inaccurate

  • The rental doesn’t have clean towels or bedding for the number of guests enclosed within the reservation (unless the host has processed that bedding or towels are unavailable)

  • The rental is deemed to be unsafe or unsanitary

Methods to make Your Airbnb keep as Safe as attainable

No matter wherever you select to remain for the night, it’s an honest plan to require possession of your safety in the maximum amount attainable. Once it involves Airbnb safety, here are a couple of extra steps you'll go to guarantee your own security.

  • Do a fast walkthrough of the whole property to know access points or security risks.

  • Double-check that windows and doors are units barred.

  • Locate the fire extinguisher.

  • Verify the presence and workability of smoke and carbon monoxide gas detectors.

Additional recommendation on Airbnb

One of the foremost commonly asked questions about staying at an Airbnb involves payment. As a result of Airbnb charging fees to each host and therefore the renter for victimization in the Airbnb marketplace, guests typically marvel if they'll safely avoid a number of these fees by paying the host offline. Clearly, this might save each host and therefore the renter some cash and will considerably abate travel prices. However, paying an Airbnb host offline is unwise and probably unsafe. Airbnb’s insurance furthermore as any potential refunds solely for cowl rentals created directly on the Airbnb website.

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