What is the fastest way to get pregnant?

What is the fastest way to get pregnant?

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Once you start planning on getting a baby it's hard to wait to have the baby on your lap in reality. There are so many things that need to be followed by a mother to get pregnant as soon as possible. It is so because there are so many things that are in our hands and there are so many other things that are not in our hands. So working on those things that will bring us closer to our destination is the thing that we have to learn now. The first thing that comes to our mind to get pregnant as soon as possible is to have more and more sex. But this is not always the case and it might backfire in most cases. So there are very small tactics that you need to understand about a couple who is planning to get children sooner. 

In this article, we are going to help you understand the technicality of what can be done to get pregnant naturally faster than the speed of light. 

What is the fastest way to get pregnant?

Here is the list of the best fastest ways to get pregnant  -

  1. Understanding menstruation cycle: According to Hillard, once you get to know about your menstrual cycle you will be better able to understand on which days you are more fertile. According to him trying to get pregnant at this time, ovulation is going to be heavily beneficial for the women. Once you notice such changes happening in your cervical mucus it becomes very slippery and thin. That is considered the best time to try fertility. You can also try using the ovulation protection kit. It lets you know about the best time to become pregnant.

  1. Relax & stay stress-free: Whether you are having sex or not, you need to stay relaxed, calm, and stress-free. It's the most important factor for good reproductive health. Living a stress-free life leads to 10x  increased chances of getting pregnant in the first 2 or 3 attempts itself. You need to stop stressing about starting a family & having children further. Just stay relaxed, & the future will follow you with having beautiful kids in it. By continuously being in a panic state, you only will harm yourself and your chance of getting pregnant will gradually decrease. Listen to relaxing videos and go for a walk in quiet places to refresh your mind. Also, acupuncture has shown a lot of evidence in lowering your mental health concerns & saving you from infertility. 

  1. Don't get stressed out about performing sex in a certain posture: According to the latest new research,  there is no proof that women having sex in a particular posture can increase their chances of pregnancy. It is said there are various gravity-defying positions that we need to take care of. These positions might halt the smooth flow of sperm in the upward direction leading to infertility. At the same time, there are no specific positions defined that can help you to get pregnant.

  1. Preconception Checkup: It's always a better idea to get completely checked up by a health specialist before you start to try it. Take advice on folic acid-rich prenatal vitamins. Taking it properly would eradicate the chances of having a birth defect like spina bifida. Folic acid is usually considered the best alternative when you are at the starting phase of pregnancy. It isn't even a good idea to consume it in sufficient amounts before getting pregnant. Other things will be advised by the doctor based on your unique case. 

  1. Maintain a healthy life: A healthy lifestyle will not only help you conceive faster but also ensure that you are on track for the future. Exercise daily, by waking up early & eating within time to ensure a healthy life. It indeed helps to maintain the ideal body by weight reducing your chances of being underweight or overweight. In contrast to this, doing too much exercise can prove to be highly disastrous for maintaining a healthy weight. 

  1. Avoid overdoing sex: Overdose of everything can kill you! Just Trying out sex causally day and night mindlessly with the motive of getting pregnant might lead to severe health problems. It's better to wait for a few hours before having the next level of sex. While this being said, having sex at the time of ovulation is going to be extremely helpful to improve your reproductive health leading to conceiving early. So, be more careful about having sex every next day during the ovulation period. 

  1. Avoid using the washroom & cleaning the vagina immediately after having sex: It is advised to stay in bed for at least 15 to 20 minutes in a very relaxed and comfortable position. Keeping your mind out of stress and anxiety and thus thinking positively then will help you get pregnant sooner. And stay away from the misconception that keeping your legs up in the air after doing sexual intercourse is going to increase the chances of pregnancy. It's not true at all because your pelvis doesn't move then but just staying relaxed that's more important.

Key Takeaways 

Certain online reports say that by being attentive and knowledgeable about our ambition we can achieve it in the minimum time possible. So it's always a better idea to follow all the steps mentioned in this article to get closer to conceiving. But apart from this, it is not everything that you should rely on. We recommend you to get consulted with a gynecologist or any other specialized family doctor who can guide you in conceiving a baby in a minimal time & without any complications. It's because every case is different & a doctor can prove to be the best guide in this scenario. What can be done to improve your health or other things that would ultimately lead you to become pregnant is a must to understand. Understand the technicalities of situations before taking any step. 

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