What is homestay business?

What is homestay business?

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In a homestay, visitors stay at a private home as opposed to a hotel during their trip. In India, homestays are becoming more and more popular because they provide a more genuine and intimate experience than staying in a hotel. Many homestays come equipped with smart TVs, refrigerators, washers, and other appliances. The fact that many homestays don't provide Wi-Fi internet service is a drawback of these accommodations. Another thing is that there is a set schedule for cleaning the rooms and serving food. Homestays are finding a growing market in Himachal Pradesh.

Up until the end of 2019, there were 2305 homestays in the state, according to sources in the tourism department. Kerala and North Bengal are two other locations that are attracting more tourists. It is a fantastic low-investment venture that can bolster regional tourism.

A homestay business can be a fantastic way to make money while giving visitors an authentic experience. To ensure the success of your company, there are a few things you must remember.

First and foremost, it's crucial to involve the local resident's family whose home you'll be staying in during your homestay. The visitor must be made to feel as though he is an additional member of the host family, given the opportunity to observe how they actually live and learn about another culture.

Second, you must construct a home that serves two purposes: first, as a private residence, and second, as a place to stay. By doing this, you can guarantee that your visitors have a relaxing and genuine experience.

Third, you ought to provide locally specific activities. To break up the monotony for your guests, you might provide trekking services if your homestay is situated in a hilly area. Apple picking, organic vegetable gardening, and other unusual activities might be appealing to tourists.

These pointers will help you establish a lucrative homestay business.

It is difficult for women to start a business

Historically, business was thought to be a man's world. Women were discouraged from entering the labour force, let alone starting their own businesses. However, times have changed, and women are now equally likely as men to succeed in business.

There is no denial in the fact that women face a lot of challenges while starting a business as any business requires a heavy amount of money.

There are several reasons why it is difficult for women to start their own businesses. One of the primary reasons is that they frequently lack the necessary capital to get their business started. This can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the fact that women are frequently paid less than men, leaving them with less money to invest in a business. Furthermore, because women are often the primary caregivers in their families, they have less time to devote to starting a business. They may also face additional difficulties in terms of resource access and networking opportunities.

Therefore, the Homestay business is a blessing in disguise. It is a type of business that can be started with little or no money. 

Homestay, women and finance

The traditional way of life in many parts of the world is under threat as the world increasingly moves toward digitalisation and globalisation. Homestays are one such way of life, in which families offer travellers lodging in their own homes.

Homestays have become an important source of income for many families, particularly in developing countries, as the tourism industry has grown. Homestays are frequently run by women in South Asia, who use their income to support their families and gain financial independence.

Homestays, for example, are a popular option for tourists visiting rural areas in India. They offer an authentic taste of the local culture and way of life and are frequently less expensive than staying in a hotel.

Women who run homestays in India frequently come from low-income families and use their earnings to support their families. Homestays allow them to gain financial independence and improve their standard of living.

Homestays are also popular among tourists in Nepal, particularly those visiting remote areas. Nepal is a mountainous country with many villages that can only be reached on foot.

Homestays in Nepal offer tourists a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the local culture and way of life.

How females can start a homestay business with no or very little money?

Are you a woman who enjoys hosting? Do you want to start your own homestay business but lack the necessary funds?

Starting a homestay business can be an excellent way to supplement your income, meet new people, and learn about other cultures. It's also a business that can be started with little to no money.

You'll need a few things to get started: a place to host your guests, some basic supplies, and some marketing.

Once you've found a suitable location for your guests, you'll need to stock it with the essentials such as towels, linens, toiletries, and a few snacks and drinks. You can either buy these items yourself or request that your guests bring them with them.

The final step will be to market your homestay business. Begin by listing your property on a vacation rental website such as Airbnb or VRBO. You can also inform your friends, family, and coworkers about your new business.

Another option is to start a homestay business that includes meal service for guests. This can be accomplished by picking up guests at the airport or train station and transporting them to their lodging. Finally, women can start a homestay business by providing tours of the surrounding area. This can be accomplished by compiling a list of local attractions and then offering to transport visitors to these locations.

This is a type of business that requires very fewer savings so females can think about it if they are passionate about doing business. Homestay businesses are a low initial investment and high returns. You do not need to hire a large number of people. You are not required to split the profits. Maintenance fees are lower because they are closer to the ground. Registration is simple and inexpensive.

Three tips to follow

The layout, cleanliness, and hospitality of a homestay establishment are its three defining characteristics. Here is a guide on how to get started if you want to start your own homestay business:

1. Select your home's floor plan. Do your guests have private rooms or do they share common areas? Make sure there are enough beds for the number of visitors you plan to host.

2. Consistently maintain a tidy home. One of the most crucial elements of running a successful homestay business is keeping the home clean and organised. Guests won't want to stay in a messy or unclean house.

3. Be a gracious host to your visitors. Go above and beyond to make their stay enjoyable, and make them feel at home and welcomed.

You'll be well on your way to launching a profitable homestay business by paying attention to these suggestions.

The Three Ps (Promote, profit and Promotion)

To promote your homestay business, you must have an active marketing plan. You should be familiar with your customers and how to reach them via various channels. Previous guests' positive feedback and ratings can help you attract new guests to your homestay. To attract more visitors, you can also create a distinct brand name and website.

When running a homestay business, it is critical to keep track of your expenses. This includes understanding the costs of hosting guests and providing the services they require. You can look into how much other businesses in your industry charge to get an idea of how much to charge for your services. It is critical to be competitive while also making a profit.

You should exercise caution when choosing your guests to ensure that they will not harm your reputation. You should be especially cautious with guests who party excessively or have addiction issues. Small families and corporate groups will make excellent guests.


Running a homestay business comes with a number of risks as well which can not be ignored, including a lack of telecommunications signals in rural areas, internet access, and competition from other businesses. Furthermore, homestay businesses may suffer from a lack of adequate marketing and advertising budgets.


Finally, women should start homestay businesses because they require less capital. This is due to the fact that homestays are typically small businesses with low overhead. Furthermore, homestays are frequently located in desirable areas, which can attract tourists and generate revenue. Also, running a homestay can be a relatively simple business to run because it does not require a large number of employees or equipment. Finally, homestays provide a unique and intimate experience for guests, which can help them stand out from other types of lodging.

You can start a homestay business for little or no money with a little effort. So, what are you holding out for? Begin right away!

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