In #KarnatakaElection2018, It’s a Men’s World!

BJP has allowed 6 female candidates, interestingly its not even 3% of the total candidates BJP has fielded in Karnataka elections 2018. Congress has given tickets to 15 females and JD(S) has fielded only 4.

Its a Men’s’ world!

Indeed it is, at least in India it is. Men are given responsible jobs while women are good for the kitchen and household chores ONLY. This seems to be the general perception in our stereotyped Indian society.

In a state like Karnataka which is supposedly the IT hub of modern India, has field only 8% women candidates in assembly election this year. Women make more than 47% of total population in Karnataka and still are not given due representation in the Karnataka state assembly. Simple reason is that men decide whom women will vote for. Seem like more than 47% women are treated like rubber stamps in Karnataka assembly elections 2018.

Our beloved PM Mr Narendra Modi, while campaigning for the Karnataka Assembly election said “Beta, Beti Ek Saman.” Well this seem to be a pleasing slogan only. Mr Modi’s party, BJP has fielded only 6 female candidates, which is not even 3% of the total candidates BJP has fielded. Congress has fielded 15 females, and JDS has readied 4 female candidates.

This has not stopped political parties from faking to be the fan of gender equality, supporters of women safety, running pink autos, setting up pink polling booths etc.

Are we so dumb that they can bluff us whenever they want? Well, they don’t realize that Indian Chhori has moved way beyond pink autos and pink polling booths. We don’t need TV sessions on gender equality by some so called feminists. We create our own path; we even create our own destination!

We brand the hell out of a fashion entity while we paint our nails!

We work on satellite systems while we make our own dolls!

So, ‘hamari chhoriyan chhoron se kam hain ke?

Ohh please, don’t even compare and save yourselves a big fat embarrassment!

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