Why Women Date Married Men?

Mate Poaching is the new trend and it seem not to be going anywhere for a very long time.

Girls have especial affinity towards the men who are already taken. Various studies done on women in different parts of the world prove that women are more interested in married men compared to the ones who are still single. So what could be reason for women to go weak in knees for these married men? Well there could be many such as-

  • Sex

He is married and hence you decide to have him in your life for sex only. And why not, it seems very attractive and lusty. After all you are sleeping with somebody else man and this gives you a high!

  • Sense of Competition

You are the woman of substance (atleast you think so!) and you like taking the completion head on. There is a hot woman and you feel hotter if you are dating her husband! Females and Jealousy are inseparable, and some women are more jealous than others, they just have it in them in abundance. Taking the married man of a hot woman makes you feel like a winner and best part is that you don’t even have to be answerable to her man because you are not married to him but she is.

  • No strings attached

Women are already burdened with lots of stuff aren’t they? So they don’t want extra baggage and that too an emotional one. One of the tempting points of being in a relationship with a married man is that you don’t have to worry about too much about his texts and phone calls. You get to have a plenty of your own space and freedom. With married men it’s all fun minus emotional baggage.

  • ‘Tried’, ‘Tested’, ‘OK’ stamp

Because he has been through the selection process and have handled the typical female nagging, you have got a tested soul at your hand. Its good catch, isn’t it? He knows how to make you feel happy and more importantly satisfied because he is been trained by the ‘Other Woman’ already! Whether it’s his one liners or long understanding talk or a very lusty and sensuous sex, he seem to be experienced about everything you have ever desired.

  • Its forbidden so it’s fun and lusty


If you go through the results of all the studies done on ‘female fantasy’, you will find one thing in common. And that one common thing is that most of the female fantasies are kind of ‘forbidden and illicit’. As it’s forbidden and illicit, it is lusty and adventurous. Sneaking into bedroom with a married man is much more adventurous than doing it with a single guy and that too in his own bed which he shares with his wife!

But iChhori wants to warn you that a relationship with a married man might seem very lusty and attractive but it has got its own disastrous results so all the mate poachers out there are suggested to listen to your mind also while you cater to the needs of your body.

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