Is Rahul Gandhi (#RaGa) Mama’s boy?

What does today’s tweet of Mr Rahul Gandhi about his mother Ms Sonia Gandhi suggests? He has tweeted-


It seems good to know that he has been taking care of his mother but does he need to announce this on Twitter for political gain? No doubts that he is damn good looking, especially his killing dimples but females are not quite fond of mama’s boy type bachelors. Are they?

Quite frankly he is a late bloomer who happens to be very excited about the public attention he gets on social media and why shouldn’t he be excited because a large portion of his online followers are females!


Even politically, he should focus a bit more on the females of our country. He has never suggested a good move or a plan which will prove to be very beneficial for the females of this country. Least he could do is to get an Indian girlfriend!

But considering the fact that he is the de-facto PM material, he shouldn’t always be behaving like a mama’s boy, he needs to grow up and be a MAN. We females would love to see him in a dominating position wouldn’t we? He should not be taking suggestions from his mom on every personal or political matter. He has gone past that age where he needs to be spoon fed by a female who has been waiting for ages to see his son taking charge and be independent.

May be it is our typical culture to be dependent on mom rather than being a support to her. In 1975-77, a congress leader from Assam said that INDIA IS INDIRA: INDIRA IS INDIA. And Gandhi family has taken it literally and has been following the tradition till date. Rahul Gandhi thinks that her mom Ms Sonia Gandhi is the India and hence his life revolves around her. Actually it does revolve around her as he is yet to prove his own existence in the party or even in India. But I would say a cute and handsome guy (I hope I can call him a ‘guy’) like him should stand up on his own and should stand up tall else what a waste!

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