How to deal with a break-up?

Your favourite restaurant does not seem to be a nice one anymore. You are locked inside your house. Don’t even feel like going to parlour. You are avoiding the phone calls of your best girlfriends. Well, sweetheart, break-up is a basic human activity which happens in pretty much everyone’s life. You need to stand up and deal with it. How can you do that? Well, read on- 


  • Don’t be a cry baby

You are not in UKG class and he was not your father. So stop being a cry baby already. You are a modern and independent girl and you can manage your own shit better than others.

  • Do NOT announce your break up status on Facebook or Instagram

Whole world does not need to know that you have just broken up. Please remember that it’s your personal life and hence these moments should be personal. Your friend and friends of friends are used to seeing you happy in life (atleast on social media) so announcing your break up with a guy who they do not have much idea about is a bad move.

  • Block him from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms that you love to use

Somebody who is not worthy of being in your heart, does not deserve a seat in your online friend list. You do not want him to remind you of your past. Go ahead and slap a block sign on his online face. You need to get rid of pretty much everything which might remind you of him. If something costly is there which he might have gifted you, there is no harm in keeping that. After all he was a human being and showing bit of respect by keeping that gifted piece of jewelry is totally ok (you selfish bum!)

  • Going out with friends and getting drunk might help

When was the last time you went out without him? Well, iChhori knows for sure that it’s been a while. So plan an outing with your saucy girls and get drunk. You need to detox yourself off his memories.

  • Avoid bumping into him through common friends

A friend who is known to both of you is throwing a party and you are invited, obviously. Please avoid. Better to stay at home than seeing recent ex there and then showing your ‘I still Love you’ face to him in presence of all your friends.

  • ‘Let’s just be friends’ is not a good idea

 Don’t try to act too intellectual by letting him keep you ‘still a friend’. Once he is out, he stays out. If you are reading this, we assume that you have got a bit of iChhori in you. And if you do, you are strong enough to tell him to Fu** off!

  • Do not use him as a ‘reference’ in your talk anymore

Stop mentioning him in your talks. We know that you have been missing him but you don’t have to give his examples to whoever you talk to.

  • ‘I just wanna send one text/WhatsApp message to him’ is a big NO

Have you heard of the Nana Patekar dialogue in Welcome, ‘control Uday, control’. Well, we want to say the same to you. You need to control. Everything will be ok over the time. We know that you have been missing him ever since you broke up with him but he is not coming back and even if he is, you need to slam the door on his face.


  • Make yourself busy with something productive

Join that dance class which you have been planning on for many days. You wanted to learn how to bake yummy cheese cakes too, why don’t you join baking/cookery classes? Point is that you have lost something which you have been always busy with, so you need to fill that void and that too with a productive engagement. You will not only get over him but also will acquire a new skill.

  • Be a family girl and spend more time with your family

This is the time to be with your parents and other members of the family. No one else can give that sense of belonging and sacred affection which ‘home’ can. It’s time to be at home with your parents for as long as possible.

  • Plan a trip with your friends

Plan an all-girls trip with your girlfriends and yell at the peaks of Manali/Coorg/Ooty or wherever you want to go. Go and have heaps of fun and yes, do not behave!

 Don’t jump into a new relationship too soon

 While partying out or on a trip with your girls, you might get the attention of some nice guy but you got to control again. You are wounded and any more spice in life might hurt worse than before. SO take your time. Go slow and enjoy your own company for a change.

  • Healthy flirt can make you feel happy

You should bot jump into a new relationship too soon but who says you can’t flirt with a hot guy? There’s no harm in getting to know yourself that guys are checking you out wherever you go. You are the diva and the chhori of 21st century; you have all the rights in world to go out there and your share of fun.

  • Don’t fantasize about getting him back

 You still hold your pillow close to you thinking about him? Well we say that he didn’t deserve you. If he could not see your worth then, he won’t see it now either. Stop dreaming about him being on his knees and begging to take him back. It’s a dream and you better keep it that way.

  • Believe that ‘It was not your fault’

Stop analyzing the whole thing with a prefix of ‘what if I…’It was not your fault. If somebody does not know how to use the cutlery at a fine dining restaurant, it does not mean that food is not good and its chef’s fault.

  • Do Not plan any wild revenge

‘How can he do this to me? I will teach him a lesson’. If this sounds like you, please stop directing a new imaginative ‘crime patrol’ episode in your mind (seriously!). ‘Move on’ is the key to a happy, successful and peaceful life.

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