Traveling alone? How to stay safe while traveling alone?

 Are you the one who has been waiting for your special someone to take you to places? or are you the modern chhori who wants to see the world through her own eyes and do not need any man to help you realize your dreams. If you are, then this article is for you baby.

Traveling solo is one of the most fascinating and exciting thing which you must do at some point of time in your life. Traveling alone is fun, adventurous and highly motivational but you got to plan it very well to enjoy it. We have listed some key points based on our travel experience, that you should consider-

  • Always have a disaster management plan

You need to plan for the ‘what if’ kind of factors of travel. What if I lose my luggage and phone, what if I get robbed, what if I get stuck in a natural disaster etc. You need to leave a copy of your itinerary with your friend or a family member so that they can track you down if required.  If travelling overseas, you need to keep all the important phone numbers with you.

  • Keep some ‘safety budget’ in your plan

Use some safety budget to upgrade from an isolated hotel to a city hotel or to book a cab for pick up rather walking alone to your hotel in the dark.

  • Do your travel research

All travel related aspects needs to be researched before making any booking for travel or hotel. What’s the place like? What’s the crime rate there? What’s the weather like? What kind of culture do they have? Etc.

  • Choose a hotel with positive rating

Website like TripAdvisor might help in deciding which hotel to book. Please check the user ratings for the hotel beforehand. How safe is the hotel for woman travelers? How is the staff there and what’s the location like? Etc.

  • Do not announce your hotel room number to strangers

Please do not brag about your travel plans while you are in a public place and do not disclose the room no. you have booked in which hotel.

  • Avoid booking room at the ground floor

It’s easy for strangers to roam around at ground floor and it’s easy to break in. So avoid taking any room at the ground floor. It will not be good from peace point of view also.

  • Carry only what is necessary

Travel light. Take only what’s is extremely necessary else leave it at home. Less luggage, less worry.

  • Check the room each time you enter in it

Once you check in, you need to check the room thoroughly for its locks and cameras etc.

  • Keep the door locked

Keep door locked always while you are inside. Unless ofcourse you are waiting for naked Leonardo DiCaprio to show up at the door!

  • Don’t mingle with strangers too soon

Go out an have fun with the local and other tourists in local eateries and pubs BUT do not befriend any stranger too soon. If you are too excited to do that just watch a clip of Crime Petrol for a afew minutes and you will be sober again!

  • Try to blend in

While you don’t have to befriend strangers, you need to blend in so that you are not the odd one out. Odd one out is so easy to be spotted by the potential criminals.

  • Watch your drinking and eating

You don’t want to get drunk and end in someone’s room do you? So watch your eating and drinking while enjoying in a party or local festival.

  • Choose your cloths carefully

Please wear modest cloths so that you don’t end up offending the locals and their culture.

  • Use the hotel’s main entrance

ALWAYS use the main entrance to enter and to exit so that you are seen by the staff and the cameras. Taking shortcuts through back doors is not safe.

  • Leave valuables locked in safe at the hotel

While going out f hotel, you should leave your valuable stuff in the safe in your room.


  • Stay alert and play smart

Be alert all the time. There’s no harm in acting as a spy for a few days! Rather than leaving room the way others do, you can leave ‘do not disturb’ sign at the door. That way you and your room will be safe from thieves.

iChhori wishes you a very happy, healthy, fun filled and safe travel around the world!

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