What Kind of boyfriend do I have?

As they say God has created variety in abundance and I guess boyfriends have not been left out. One to other and other to another everything has a type and so do boyfriends. If you want to know what kind/category your man falls into, you are reading the right article. Ichhori will show you what kind of boyfriend you are stuck with and what kind has been missed by you. The world of boyfriends include the following items (Ooops!) –


The box of happiness:

This kind of guy is generally the box of all your laughter. His senseless and his sense of humour make you fall in love with him many a times each day. You just wish that he stays with you forever and ever.

The practical one:

They are the boyfriends who don’t take you to those fairyland dreams and are always practical and realistic about what they feel inside and what they tell. If you are a girl with a lot of expectation, then you may not find that silver lining of the romantic cloud with him.

The chatterbox:

This is the one who always has something to talk about. Enjoying the silence is not his cup of tea, and would rather describe the awkwardness of the silence in words. He wont  give you any chance to enjoy the beauty of silence. Somehow, he just can not shut up!

The moody one:

He is always moody and you need play along accordingly. Sometimes he can be your prince charming and sometimes the character of ‘crime petrol’. It all depends on his mood. And guess what, even he us not sure about what he wants and when.

The bedroom boy:

He seem to have an extra pair of chromosomes. He can make out any time of the day. The best advantage you have with him is that he will never let you down when you are in the mood. The bedroom is his favourite place for a perfect date.

The attention lover:

Who says only women want all the attention? There are boyfriends who need to be felt that they are loved! Nothing wrong with it, but when you are out with your chhori gang and he sends you a mushy text 50th time in the day, then the trouble begins.

The lover boy:

You find him looking at you while you wake up with heaps of love pouring out of his eyes (ohh god..that look). He has got those 3 magical words ready for you any moment of the day. He has never missed complimenting you for the dress and that too with a bunch of your favourite lilies. His style of expressing love can steal any girls heart away.

The BFF:

He is just not your boyfriend, but your best friend for sure. He is the one you can really talk to and share all your stupid thoughts and weird ideas. You don’t need anyone else when he is around.

The overprotective one:

He is more of a boss and less of a boyfriend, even a message from the delivery boy is enough for him to have the doubts on you. He just can not understand that you are an independent girl and you can take care of your self. He is a pain your ass. Dating this kind of guy needs a lot of courage and lot of ‘I cant take stand’ attitude.

The cry baby

Dating him can make you wonder if he is your boyfriend or a baby in a pram. He can cry for any small thing and the emotional drama can make you wonder whether the world is really that sad and boring.

Well, now you know the breed (Ooops again!) of your man. Keep comparing the type of your man with types your girlfriends are stuck with. Have fun!

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