Priyanka Chopra Kicked ‘STEREOTYPES’- setting new rules of DATING

Priyanka Chopra alias Piggy Chops has been busy writing her own rule book ever since she has joined the famous world of Bollywood. She is the cover story these days for her affair with Nick Jonas. Piggy is not following the old school guidelines which are usually followed by every chhori in India. She has not chosen her partner the way normal girls do. This time PC is setting a new benchmark in the industry to choose a partner. She is a role model for many a girls around the world and she is setting up a very good example of ‘how to follow your gut and do what you want to do’. More importantly, Priyanka is breaking the stereotypes which girls have been abiding by so far, well almost!

Let’s look at the those stereotypes which are being kicked out by our beloved Priyanka Chopra-

She is taller than her partner, so what?

Priyanka Chopra is visibly taller than Nick Jonas. And guess what? She didn’t even say goodbye to her heels. What a bold ass Chhori! She keeps her high heels on while taking a confident walk with him. It’s amazing to see them walking hand in hand and rest of the world has just adored them so much. Here’s a great piece of learning from Priyanka that the height should never come across as one of the deciding factor while choosing the partner. It’s just a short mentality that has to change, period.

He is more than 10 years younger to her, holy shit!


Oh boy, Nick Jonas is younger than her by more than 10 long years. So?. Is he not mature enough to understand her thoughts? Some so called mature men have big number of years behind them but they are as cold as ice. What will change if a boy is younger than you? Is there anything which is going to affect your relationship, obviously not? It’s just stereotype thinking created by our respected elders of the society, which I guess must be broken. Priyanka is being criticized for dating a younger guy but she couldn’t care less. A boy can marry a younger girl but a girl can’t, why? Is it because it is followed by everyone? Go ahead, break this tradition and choose a person for his qualities not his age.

Not from the same culture?

‘Choose a man who is of your cast, religion and community. Don’t choose the partner from a different culture’, this is the general suggestion which is thrown by pretty much everybody in our disciplined society. But I don’t understand why should we keep this criterion for loving or choosing anyone? Who are we following and why? Who laid down these norms of choosing a suitable partner? Who are they? We should love the person and his quality, not his cast or culture.  And Priyanka Chopra is breaking this thinking and she is creating a new format of her love life. Kudos to Piggy Chops!

She is Independent and Famous


Priyanka is the celebrity of the world not only India. She is highly independent and rich. And she is dating Nick Jonas who is also famous but not as much as Priyanka. Is she breaking the stereotype thinking of those who believe that women should date more famous and more powerful men only? Hats off to Priyanka, she is shutting down the doors on stereotypes.

iChhori says thank you to Priyanka Chopra for taking bold step of choosing her partner in a non-conventional way. She is setting an example for all the girls who look upto her for the inspiration. Ladies, listen to your heart and worship your wish. And more importantly, don’t forget to ignore the stereotypes!


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