Sonali Bendre: The Queen of Million Hearts!

Do you remember a mesmerizing smiling beauty walking across in a dreamy dress in the advertisement of Nirma soap (Tum Husna Pari Tum Janejaha…)? Yes, that advertisement raised the bar for all other beauties in the advertisement industry. We are talking about the beautiful diva of Bollywood, Ms Sonali Bendre. She has always been considered one of the most beautiful females of India ever. She has been my personal favourite. I was so impressed with her beauty that we often wondered whether she also wakes up like us and do the normal things in days such as brushing the teeth and going to the toilet. Somehow, I never could imagine that even she uses the toilet like us because she has looked so much like an angle to me; she just doesn’t seem to be real to me somehow.

The beautiful actress has done many wonderful movies in the Bollywood and that too with all the famous starts and super stars. She has done films in many languages. Her hit Bollywood movies include “Diljale” (1996), “Bhai and Qadar both” (1997), “Sarfarosh” (1999). “Ham Saath- Saath Hain” (1999), “hamara dil apke pas hai” (2000) and many more films like “Kal ho na ho”. Bendre tied the knot with the producer Goldy Bahal and said bye-bye to acting in 2003. Sonali Bendre made a comeback with “once upon a time Dobara” (2013). Bendre has judged many reality shows and has been active in the industry.


Sources say that thousands of people watch her shows not for the content of the show but to see the gorgeous Sonali Bendre! She has been the inspiration, dream and aspiration of lacs of Indians and continues to be the one which rules million hearts even today.

But as they say, God also loves good people just like we human beings do. God played the trick on Sonali Bendre and put the whole world in shock! When Sonali herself broke the news that she has been diagnosed with the cancer, whole Bollywood fraternity and her fans just could not believe it. The phrase “jane kab kya ho Jaye“came true when people heard this news. Love and wishes poured in from across the world and that too in abundance. But sadness definitely lasts longer than just the wishes. I personally, have not been able to come to the terms with the reality even today. On 4th July, Sonali Bendre posted on Instagram that she is diagnosed with high-grade cancer.  And she is undergoing the treatment in New York. On social media the actor wrote the statement “sometimes when we least expect it, life throws a curveball. Which we frankly did not see coming”.

The actor also wrote “I am blessed and thankful to have such supportive friends and family hands on me. They are giving the best support which is needed”.


On July 19th 2018, she posted her picture with her son on Instagram. And wrote how she shared her cancer news with her 12 year old son. She wrote she did not know how she was going to share the cancer news with her son. But she didn’t want to hide it from him. She wrote “I was so surprised after telling my son about it, he took the news so maturely and behaved in a very strong way. He becomes my source of energy and positivity. He is treating me like a parent and reminding me of the things I should do”.

The way she has been handling her disease is extremely courageous and takes a tremendous effort. She has been very positive with everything and been in touch with her fans through social media. She has rather become the strength for the people rather becoming a patient who needs inspiration and struggles to stay happy and calm. Every actor and every fan has been praying for speedy recovery and iChhori sincerely wishes her all the best for fighting the lousy and filthy cancer which has put our beloved diva under treatment. Sonali has set an example for the entire Cancer patients around the world. The way she has been dealing with her disease and posting her smiling photos has been melting everyone’s heart. More love and respect has been pouring in from all the directions. We pray and hope that Sonali Bendre with the support of her fans and family and her own strength, will defeat the cancer and will bounce back like a winner!

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