I am a Girl: I do not exist!

We are almost half of the world’s population. And we are also human beings, have the nations forgotten about us?  Every day you read about a rape case and people think that its common and normal thing nowadays.


Females want an answer now if anyone can answer, how can killing a human or inserting a rod in your vagina be a common or normal thing? Are we not important to the country? Where are the political leaders who and ask for votes during the elections? Where are the people who march on the streets and act as the feminists or even the well-wishers of the female fraternity? Where are the men in uniform who are kept for the safety of the country but are even found involved in some of the cases? Where are the citizens who are lost in the darkness of the politics? If I wear a short skirt, I am raped. If I wear a diaper, I am raped. If I wear a burqua, I get raped. If I am in my teens I get raped. If I am a mom, I get raped. Even If I am a grand mom, I get raped. World is waiting for the day I will be in the cemetery, and I will be raped!

Every day you wake up and see a rape case, a rape case of a 5-year girl or a rape case of a 22-year-old girl or not even the rape of 65-year-old. Don’t the rapists have a mother, sister or a girl friend? We are the fools who live in the country where we worship and celebrate Navratri on the name of the goddess, a goddess who is a FEMALE God. Girls get raped by the bosses, pundits, god fathers and god men and its still on and on and on. And if a girl is raped, she stays put and keeps shut, because that’s what the society wants her to do.


But I don’t need you or anybody else to tell me what’s to be done, did you support me when it happened to me? So stay shut. I don’t need a man, to pretend to be a nice one with a fake mask and rape me in the dark. I can stand on my own and fight the battle alone. My eyes don’t trust men anymore, I see every man with the doubt, and anyone can be a rapist. I don’t feel safe in my own house, my own city and in my own country. I would also want to tell I am a proud Indian, but only when I feel I am safe. My country is denoted with a name Bharat Mata (mother India), but Mata (mother) is raped every day.

I am not important; I am not a human being, I am not a living soul!

Pic credits: shutterstock

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