The British beauty, with beautiful Sky colored eyes and husky voice that can knock down mountains, Anne Marie Rose Nicholson has conquered the globe with her mesmerizing music. Thousands of people have fallen at her feet when hearing her sing. Her success is breaking barriers and making her famous all over the world with her vibrant talent. She is an English singer and songwriter and what people around her describe her is as a loud, a bit crazy, loyal and incredibly talented woman. Her performances are a sight to sour eyes. Her songs are not confined to just listen to the track; one can live each and every lyric of it. Her first song SUMMER GIRL in 2013 got Ed Sheeran’s attention and together they have come a long way that today they are best of friends. She is as simple as we are in our lives and yet this quality of hers makes her STANDOUT. It is her ways that inspire people. She is a perfect example of how a girl should be like, strong, independent and fearless among all. FEARLESS is just not a word, its meaning is what a girl should possess as it is the demand to survive in today’s world.


It is her tracks which describe her as a bold woman. Be it ALARM, ROCKABYE, FRIENDS, CIAO ADIOS, 2002 or PERFECT she slays in all with maintaining her carefree nature at the top. Through her lyrics, she motivates girls to be what they want to be like. Through her YouTube videos, we can see that even on stage in her concerts she burps in front of so much crowd and laugh and then keep on doing that. She behaves like a kiddo on stage.

Now if we come up to talk about her songs, ALARM, her track is all about her EX’s infidelity which reflected all of her mixed feelings and in one of her interviews she said “I ALWAYS WRITE ABOUT REAL EXPERIENCES AND NONE OF MY SONGS ARE MADE UP  FROM NOTHING SO I ALWAYS FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT EVERYONE OF MY SONGS”. And this could be seen in her song PERFECT too where she is telling that it is ok to be not perfect because that is what termed as perfect in every way. Be it India or any other country girls and even boys are categorized in one way or the other. People are always up for body shaming others and through her this song she asked people to be of any shape, any size till they are enjoying what it’s to be like themselves. This song is one of a kind which really inspires many of us to be ourselves because in pleasing others we always forget who we were in the first place. It teaches us that nobody gives a fuck until you give one to yourself. If you value yourself then only other can else that person degrades you as well. On her “SPEAK YOUR MIND TOUR” in Amsterdam she got emotional while singing this song as she faced same problems that she mentioned in her song and watching the crowd agreeing to it too, makes her a bit more emotional.

Besides singing, she has a keen interest in karate and started taking classes when she was nine years old and won gold in karate championship when she was 12. It shows she believes that a girl has to be strong enough to protect herself. Going through her Instagram account one can find that she gives a perfect goal to chubby girls to be dressed insanely cute and hot at the same ti

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