Is Bollywood still Entertaining you thorough its Loud Misogyny & Objectification ??

 Since our childhood, listening to such hyped songs and dialogues where women have been compared to mere an object has become user-friendly to our society. Besides, we don’t even feel offended when we ourselves listen to songs “Tu cheez badi hai mast mast” or” jumma chumma dede” etc. And you know why we don’t get bothered? For entertainment we can go to any extent, irrespective of its side effects, especially, young generation. Recently a song called Kalesh by Milind Gaba has been released where the lyrics say “Chodegi agar Tere ghar me aake kalesh karunga” No comments. Duh!!


Instead of banning particular songs we enjoy them on dance floors. Do you individually think that it is cool when Shahid Kapoor in his one of the movies sang ‘Haan tujhpe right mera tu hai delight mera tera rasta jo roku chaukne ka nahi? Have you ever realized how bad the influence of movies and songs are on us? How badly it has been impacting our society especially boys and children? What are we learning from these grotesque item songs? We are the only one who is responsible for inciting industry to make such things even on higher scale. And all these things only lead to increasing rate of crimes because it has become our mentality that if in movies or songs it is acceptable then why can’t in real life?


What we actually learn from movies

If a girl says NO, its hidden meaning is YES.

Heroism is winning a girl at the end either by hook or by crook.

If a girl comes late at night she must be characterless.

How to torture a woman to no set boundaries?

If a boy does mischievous actions with a girl, eventually, she will fall in love with him.

This thinking influences young boys to do the same because if their idol has done it in so and so movie so how can they stop following their God’s path. But in reality this never happens, it is the girl who suffers all the consequences, without any reason she has always been stamped as characterless because people say she must be wearing short clothes or showing latke-jhatke to incite that boy and the conclusion has to be obvious. Why do we suffer because some mentally sick people?


We need to understand that there is a lot of difference between adaption and reality of anything. Film industry needs to wake up from their sleep and start showing the consequences too. Because girls are not meant to be teased or objectified, they are human and treat them alike. And this is just not acceptable.


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