The season wedding is on, now everyone's eye is on Isha Ambani and Anand Pirmal's wedding. It is gonna be India's most expensive wedding. The couple is going to tie the knot on December 12, 2018.  Isha Ambani's wedding with a hashtag is getting rolled all over the social media.

The invitees in the pre-wedding festival were the International stars and Bollywood celebrities. Their performances were fire to the fuel and the flame made the festival go amazing.

But what are the standards that are being set by rich people or celebrities? Are these expensive wedding really acceptable?

It is acceptable that it's their money and they are the ones who need to decide how and where to spend it but the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd. overtook Jack Ma this year as Asia's wealthiest man.

Spending money is totally their call but it is our money in their hands in one way or the other, even if they are spending so much for the celebration, their eyes should also be on the parents who can't even afford to get their daughter married. The ones who can't afford to buy a home.

There is no such wrong thing that you, being Asia's wealthiest man should have some responsibility towards the poor people of the country.

If these rich people of our country start working for the welfare of the people and give a thought to poverty then this country will be no more with more poor people.

It is their responsibility that if they are capable of earning this much money then this money should be used for good causes too.

Grand celebrations are amazing but it is more amazing to use the money for the good causes and the welfare of the people.

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