What causes RAPE?

So men find the woman a seducer just because you can see her cleavage?

So the women are objects for men's contentment?

Touching a woman without her consent is rape. There is no any other explanation, no any other justification that a man can touch a woman just because he's her spouse or her boyfriend.

As the girls grow older, they get used to these things and being a woman we inherit what is dictated to us-

~ Avoid drinking around men, you'll get raped.

~ Avoid flaunting your body, you'll get raped.

~ Don't enjoy so much, you'll get pregnant.

~ Don't roam around at night, girls are not safe. (Khuli hui Tijori ho tum)

~ We should stop living instead, no? Haha!

We are told strangers are dangerous but, Can you please marry a stranger you don't know? We are told "Aise hi Hota hai" even if our husbands try to get intimate even if we say NO.

Strangers are dangerous but our families don't have any idea that the place in which we are living is also not safe for us.

The women are getting safety tips all over the world ~ Watch your drinks, you may let someone rape you. Watch your boundaries; you may be giving men the wrong signals for your character.

Why don't we tell men to control their lust for women and be well mannered? Why can't, men respect a simple NO from women? Men feel superior to women and they think it is a woman's right to make them feel content just for their pleasure.

Said by a judge, what we can expect from other humans then -

Blame the Rapists, Not the Victims!

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