Sikh Heroes: The Real Story Behind "12 Baj Gaye"

Are you the one of the many who ridicules Sardar (Sikh) by saying "12 baj gaye"? If you don't leave a single chance to make them feel degraded, then you will stop doing that when you'll get to know the real truth behind 12 BAJ GAYE.

Sardars (Sikhs) have been involved in wars, sports, politics and they have made history that no one has.  And they continue to give their sweat and blood to build our nation strong.

Aurangzeb was considered to be the cruelest leader, he even forced Kashmiri Pandits to convert to Islam, and they turned to Guru Teg Bahadur who welcomed them with open hands. Because of this reason, Guru was captured by Aurangzeb and was then executed by Aurangzeb in Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

Nader Shah was a Persian Invader. He invaded India in the 1700s for wealth and fame. His armies passed through Punjab and plundered and looted Delhi. They captured around 2,200 Indian women who were to be taken back to Persia.  Only Sikhs were the ones who came forward to execute those women and make them reach their homes safely. This action plan of Sardars used to be executed at nights, and the cruel people degrade them by saying, 12 Baj Gaye.

The Commander of Sikh Army, Sardar Jassa Singh was brave hearted and they decided to attack the camp but at midnight when most of the army of Nader Shah was in deep sleep. They attacked the Camp despite being so few in numbers and took out all the captive women saving from any dishonor. They were going to be sold in the Abdal Market of Persia.

There is deep and beautiful history behind 12 baj gaye story, and even Supreme Court banned the jokes on Sardars.  Guru Teg Bahadur's sacrifice is one of the few examples in which a man died for the sake of others religions.

So, next time you crack a joke on Sardars, just remember their sacrifice and realise that they were there to protect our ancestors when you or others were not.

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