#Modi is back, its good for Indian Women or is it?

Exit polls 2019 show that Modi led NDA is back with a majority win in General  Election 2019, which seem to be a good sign for the economy and jump in Sensex has indicated the same. But how good is it for Indian women to have Modi government back in power or is it good at all?

Each government promises a lot (actually a hell lot) to please women voters in India but hardly anything is done for women upliftment, women security and safety, girl child education and their financial inclusion. Reservation of 33% women in parliament still seems to be a distant dream.

Irony is that female MPs are also not interested in women related issues. After a rape incident in Dec 2012, which shook the whole world and brought shame to our so called ‘well cultured India’, lots of promises were made and big talk replaced all the national issues but hardly anything concrete has been done ever since.


We need a robust plan and even more robust monitoring system to make sure that the plan gets executed to show results on the ground. Girl child must be supported even before her birth and the support should continue till she becomes financially independent.

Policies should be made to include atleast 40% of females in the work force of this fast growing nation. If we take out the stats of corporate boards, the percentage of female directors/members is significantly less compared to men. Unless women are made part of decision making, change won’t happen and if it will happen it will happen at an alarmingly slow pace.

iChhori urges all the females to raise women related issues and keep sharing them with PMO office or PM app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.narendramodiapp&hl=en_IN) so that our voice can be heard. Let’s let Mr Narendra Modi know that females are integral part of society and we need and rather deserve equal amount attention and rights.

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