How safe is Covaxin for women ?

The current  widespread of COVID-19 is definitely the main reason for the distress going all over the world. It is caused due to the infection with the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2- virus strain. It's ability to damage the lungs and other organs ( especially respiratory ones) have manifested everyone to  get super worried about their health. At present the COVID-19 vaccines are the only way to shield yourself by building your immune system, in order to fight against coronavirus. There are four main types of vaccines which have been developed all throughout the world. Amongst them India is using two vaccines, one is made by Serum Institute of India, and the other one by Bharat Biotech. Bharat Biotech operates mainly in India and the vaccine they have made is named as Covaxin. 

And it’s very common to have several questions in mind regarding safety of Covaxin vaccine. But you do not have to worry!  Here we are answering all the probable questions you might have in your mind.

What is Covaxin Vaccine?

One of the fully indigenous covid-19 vaccines is the Covaxin which have been developed by Bharat Biotech in Association with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) – National Institute of Virology (NIV) .

Why is not everyone eligible to get the vaccine?

At the beginning, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) had authorized Bharat Biotech in order to restrict the use of Covaxin under clinical trial mode. The first priority list which was prepared by the government appointed panel was first covered. After the successful trials, the respective state governments informed the individuals who can get the vaccines. The Priority List usually contains the health workers, senior citizens and people with comorbidity in the topmost areas.  

The respective state Governments have been informing the individuals who are in the front lines for getting the vaccine. The people on the Priority List are being given the option for rejecting or receiving the vaccine administration from the government specified booths. 

What are the side effects of Covaxin?

As per the records, there are some possible side effects of Covaxin which are mostly mild that have been observed in the receivers. They are:

  • Fever

  • Fatigue or weakness

  • Pain and swelling

  • Vomiting tendencies on nausea

  • Swelling or itching

However some adverse side effects have been noticed in a very few cases:

  • Increased rate of heartbeat

  • Severe allergic reactions

  • Facing difficulty in breathing and dizziness

  • Getting rashes all over the body

  • Swelling of the face and/or throat

In order to avoid the adverse effects and to provide special attention to the vaccinated persons, some health experts have also been appointed for keeping an eye on the development of any sort of side-effects.

Till now 16 people were needed to be hospitalized in India after getting vaccinated and nine cases of death have been reported. However, it is not yet proven if the occurrence of death was due to the application of Covaxin.

Why can't pregnant women get the Covaxin Vaccines?

Unlike the other traditional vaccines which are considered to be safe for pregnant women, there is no credible research to trace the benefits of Covaxin for pregnant women. The lack of proper evidence has divided health officials worldwide based on their advice.  However the doctors recommend that pregnant women should not be getting covid-19 vaccines as they might undergo adverse pregnancy outcomes and even deliver a premature baby.

 Although there are no scientific studies that prove that covid-19 vaccines are unsafe for pregnant or lactating women, the medical experts considered that the pregnant and breastfeeding women should not put the health of their children into risk by taking the Covaxin. For clarity vaccines might be soon tested on pregnant ladies but till then you have to wait.

Is it safe to conceive after taking the Covid – 19 vaccine?

Yes definitely it is totally safe to conceive after getting the vaccination. But those who are administering the vaccine currently are also being asked for avoiding pregnancy for at least a couple of months. As it would be taking some time in order to grow the immunity in your body so it is always advisable to wait for sometime before conceiving. Even getting vaccinated before conceiving would help you to stay on a much safer side.

Can getting Covaxin lead to infertility in women or increase the risk of miscarriage?

It’s a big no! How can Covaxin even lead to infertility or miscarriage? In spite of all the rumors floating in the internet, Covaxin can not cause infertility or miscarriage in women who are expecting or who are planning. Usually the vaccines are used for weakening  the strain of the virus, with the help of modern technologies, to support the immune system for fighting against the virus. That is why, in no way they can cause any sort of harm to your reproductive system.

Who cannot get the Covaxin?

The vaccine manufacturer has clearly acknowledged that the patients having very weak immunity levels or who are already on medicines for impacting their immune system should not get the Covid-19 vaccine at all. Apart from this, a fact sheet have been generated by Bharat Biotech for suggesting that who else cannot take the Covaxin:

  • Those who are suffering from fever

  • Patients having past records of allergies

  • People who are on blood thinners or possess any bleeding disorders

  • Pregnant and lactating women

  • people who are suffering from serious health problems or have some exceptional health issues.

Additionally the ones who already have taken some other covid-19 Vaccines from other manufacturers and not should not be taking a Covaxin.

Current Planning for patient’s safety after getting vaccinated through Covaxin

The fact sheet of Bharat Biotech has confirmed that the recipients of the vaccine would be a part of a three months  follow up program. In that program some designated government officials would be tracking the development of the health issues, if there are any, in the vaccinated persons. Also if any vaccinated person seems to develop any sort of serious health conditions they will also be getting standard medically recognized treatments at government facilities. Also the person will be getting compensation if he or she develops any such serious health issues.

Thus, after all the research carried out from our side it can be said that getting the Covaxin vaccine is actually a better option for all the women, until they are pregnant, lactating or have any serious illness. It is always advisable to visit your physician first to get all the required check-ups and tests done. And then if your doctor approves, go get the vaccine!


Although it has been more than 2 months since the COVID-19 vaccination drive has started in India, some people are still unsure whether to take a shot of the vaccine or not. Definitely, the skepticism is valid but the good thing is that, there are only a few cases of adverse effects. More than 55 million Indians have taken the vaccine and for a healthy immune system this Covaxin may provide you a sigh of relief. But always remember to disclose your medical history to the vaccinator and even after getting vaccinated follow the safety protocols diligently, i.e., keep wearing the mask at public places, wash your hands frequently and also maintain a distance of 6 feet. Hopefully, we all can get over this tough time very soon.

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