How to AVOID your Ex?

Ex - A word that takes our breath away, doesn't it? Everybody craves a loving and satisfying relationship as it's our natural human desire. About 60-70% of people experience breakups at least once in their lives. If you had the die heart commitment with your partner, it's pretty much impossible to move on from your ex. 

Even after years of breakup, people tend to scroll their partner's profile on social media, try to be in touch, holding grudges, ruining your relations with others because of breakups, trust issues, becoming frustrated personalities, and what not? Sometimes, such toxic habits become so critical that it leads to Clinical Depression which can worsen with time. Having contact with your ex will only make you hollow from within day by day tearing you apart from inside. Understand through the article how you can avoid your ex and stay happy.  

Unheard Facts about Breakups and Ex Relationships -

Men with poorer Iq's tend to cheat more.

As per one of the studies conducted by the Binghamton University - Women are more likely to undergo emotional suffering as compared to Men but they are expected to recoup fully. In contrast to this, Men never recover from their exes fully, however they just move on with the time.

According to the NY Times, couples communicating about each other's thrill and different experiences are likely to long last in relationships in comparison to those who share only common or similar experiences. 

As per Daily Mail, couples with 90% of the similarities in their behaviors and habits are likely to become each other's ex.

How to avoid your ex?

Live in the present -

The happiest person is filled with peace and joy because he always lives in the present. He is mindful of the fact he had a breakup, but he isn't dwelling there any more. This is exactly what you need to do as well. Moreover, stalking your ex will make your brain shut hindering you to move on. You must block him or her from all over social media, delete their numbers and things that remind you of your ex. Notice how it changes you from within. 

Get yourself goals - Always wanted to learn Guitar? Wanted to be a certified Yoga Trainer? Always wanted to create an impact on others through your writing skills? Do it - Go for it! It is the right time - 'NOW'. Get something exciting for yourself on your plate and start making the best out of your life by living 100% on it. 

Acceptance is the key -

  1. Realize the fact that whatever is happening to you is for a particular reason. It's making you closer to your higher self and life's purpose. Whether you are on good terms or bad terms with life, just ACCEPTANCE is the key! This key will unlock the room filled with all the love and light that you have been searching for in the wrong people. Accept, whatever happens, learn from it and emerge from this fire as the best version of yourself.
  2. Practice the art of spirituality - Giving half an hour daily to meditation and your love for spirituality will not only help you overcome the exhausting breakup but will give you a new way to perceive life with tons of happiness and peace from within!
  3. Love yourself - You, Yourself, and Your Name matter! Yes, it does. Do not let a meaningless relationship break you down and tear you apart. Loving yourself is the key to attract all the miracles and happiness in your life. Take some time to pamper yourself with good food and other things. Spoil yourself with amazing dresses, makeup, solo outings, and whatever you like. You know what - You are worth more than you think, if you can't respect and love yourself, how can you even imagine others to do the same for you?
  4. Increase communication instead of isolation - Sometimes, all we need is to be heard! Yes, if you are going through a rough phase of your life and finding it difficult to about your ex, remember that your friend, family, and psychologists are just a call away! Don't isolate yourself and dwell in the darkness. Why so? Because it will make your life and health showcase the worst version of it. Speak about what you need to, let your anger and mystery be heard. Get over it and start all over again. 

Risks Involved while staying in touch with your Ex-partner -

  • Difficulty in turning off the feelings - Believe or not - but you can't just turn off or switch off the feelings for somebody who meant so much to you once a while by staying in touch with your ex-partner.

  • You won't be able to move on - Moving on is the first thing we look up to after a breakup. But the constant link with your ex-partner will make it difficult for you to move on with new opportunities in life.

  • Trouble in getting into a new relationship - As per one of the authors named 'Nina Atwood' people prefer to stay as friends with their ex-partners as they feel miserable ending things severely with somebody they wish to spend their entire life with. But this isn't a good idea at all; this way you will never be able to welcome new people and make something long-term with them.

  • Bring back unresolved issues - Even if you plan to stay as friends with your ex-partner, you will still find old issues coming back and forth deteriorating your mental health time and again.

Ex Relationship Related Crimes -

  • As per the 'Centers for Disease Control & Prevention committee - Almost half of the American Women are killed by their ex romantic partners.
  • A person named 'Mandy' faced harassment in public. Her ex-partner wrote some disturbing message while getting it painted on the road. 
  • A lady aged 38, named Charlotte, stated in one of the videos that her ex-partner suddenly came to her home and started living there even though nobody wanted to see him in their house.
  • As per the reports, women named Kate revealed that staying in touch with their ex-partners was disastrous. Her exes used their children as a part of the weapon to threaten them for a long time. 
  • Tasha named women disclosed the fact that her ex was only allowed to contact their children via letters or e-mails. But her husband used this as a means to abuse his wife despite the court orders about warning him for molestation.

Final Words -

Remember that Ex is your ex for a reason - leave them in your past itself! Embrace the new growth and experiences whether Harsh or Loving your ex gave you. Welcome the pain of a breakup and treat it like your inner child instead of getting yourself into bad terms with your life like drugs, alcohol, etc. It will help you in distracting yourself and committing to your life's growth. 

Do not overthink,

It happens, 

We are humans,  

We are tailor-made to have exposure to such experiences,

Understand it, say thanks and move on without any grudges, and

You will notice the difference!

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