What is Relationship Anarchy?

What is Relationship Anarchy?

What is Relationship Anarchy?_Ichhori.com



Beyond the monogamy established in the West, there are, and always have been, other ways to relate romantically. However, there are other types of loving alternatives that are becoming more visible in our culture as hypocrisy fades away and one of these is relationship anarchy’. 


One type of love that is currently popular is relationship anarchy, which is being able to love one or more individuals at the same time without attaching any societal labels to the relationship. Relationship anarchy, when applied to everyday life, permits you to have sex with a friend or even have a romantic partner, but not have sex with him, among otherways of relating. 



What is relationship anarchy? 


At first glance, the relationship anarchy may seem too complex and people wonder what is relationship anarchy? We could simply say that it is a form of love that does not accept any rules during the development of a relationship, imposed by social customs.


Without any outside imposition, you and the people around you choose the type of relationship you want. In the relationship anarchy, physical and emotional intimacy is based on individual desire rather than paradigms imposed by other people's standards


Monogamy and traditional marriage are both rejected by the relationship anarchy (RA) because it considers that these two concepts do not respect individual freedom of choice.



Can relationship anarchy create a world without heartbreak? 

Rules create boundaries. Even while this works for the vast majority of people in relationships, many people believe that love should not be dependent on a single romantic partner who is everything to them. Rather, it's based on a plethora of meaningful, deep, and genuine connections. Regardless of their nature, sexual, romantic, or platonic relationships exist.In a nutshell, whatever works.


In this way, we create a life full of emotional ties. For instance, we are not heartbroken if something happens and one of our relationships ends. We’re strong and still empowered by a multitude of relationships, which makes us accept it more easily. It’s all a part of life and life is beautiful. 



You have capacity to love more than one person, and one relationship and the love felt for that person does not diminish love felt for another shared by Andie Nordgren, The RA manifesto  


Conventional relationships rooted in an oppressive culture 

According to relationship anarchists, the conventional(traditional)- romantic–heartbreak love is masqueraded as the universal purpose of life in Western culture. They further consider marriage and traditional monogamous relationshipto be a heritage of times of patriarchy when marriage was primarily a financial and reproductive institution.Conventional romantic love is heterosexist, according to RAs, and is rooted in oppression, with women bearing the brunt of household labor and emotional care.


Love is abundant, relationships are unique 

The term "relationship anarchy" comes from Sweden and dates back to 2006 when an activist Andie Nordgren, wrote the relationship anarchy manifesto. His philosophy is built on the concept that love is abundant and that each relationship is unique. He states that you should find your core of relationship values and shape your relationship based on desire, trustand communication, not on fear, duties and societal pressure.


RA and RA  poly- love without labels 

Another term you should be familiar with is RA poly’ that is, the tendency that allows you to have an anarchic relationship (RA) with many persons (poly). Within this tendency, you can have any form or type of relationship with multiple people at the same time.


In an anarchy relationship the sex is not the most important thing, but the flexibility with which the relationships are developed. Each person chooses or decides the form of relationship they want to have with another person, rejecting all the labels that society places on relationships such as "partner," "friendship," "lovers," and so on.



Solo polyamory vs relationship anarchy

Many people believe that Solo Poly, which involves being open to multiple love connections at once, is the most similaror closest relationship format to Relationship Anarchy.However, there is one difference. Relationship anarchists oppose sex and romantic relations as the foundation of relationships, whereas solo poly emphasizes them. That is the difference between RA and various types of Poly partnerships, such as Poly Throuple (Polyamorous triad).



Could relationship anarchy work for you? 


If you find it difficult to have or maintain a monogamous relationship, perhaps, relationship anarchy might be for you.Or if you find yourself thinking about someone else when you're with your partner, and also if this tendency arouses your interest and curiosity


Relationship anarchy, on the other hand, is not for you, if you are jealous and you demand sexual exclusivity from your spouse, it would hurt you to know that the person you love frequents other people. The most important thing is that youshould be completely honest with yourself when you examine this tendency. Remember that everyone is different and unique, and what's important to you may not be important to someone else.



Honesty, respect, and consent- pillars of relationship anarchy (RA)


All sexual orientations (bisexual, heterosexual, gay, lesbian) are included under relationship anarchy, therefore a girl can live with her boyfriend and have sex with another girl who is also her best friend.


It is important to know that everything that happens in the relationship anarchy happens with the consent of all who participate. And if at any time anyone stops liking it, they have the freedom and choice to stop practicing it whenever they want. As can be seen, this RA trend is based on the respect and consent of all its members, who are honest with themselves and with others.


In conclusion, relationship anarchy (RA) is far beyond the notion that romantic relationships don’t have to follow a predetermined path such as dating, marriage, kids. All types and kinds of relationships are free of predetermined routes.










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