Do guys like long hair of girls?

Do guys like long hair of girls? 

Do guys like long hair of girls? _

Are you wondering why the male gender tend to prefer women with long hair? 

 Are you allowing about growing it-or perhaps considering the consequences of cutting it? 

 Either way, this guide is then to help you. 

 It features seven reasons why guys like girls with long hair, as well as some general explanations about men’s preferences in women’s hair. 

But, before we get into that, let me tell you an interesting story about men and attraction. 

 Lately, I have been studying a primitive part of the male brain, generally appertained to as the hero's Instinct’. 

 This section of the male brain is most generally associated with romantic desire. 

 If you can learn to manipulate this part of a man’s mind, it is possible to make him OBSESSED with you very quickly. 

This part of the brain releases similar intense feelings of satisfaction, that can be difficult to defy. 

 I wrote a complete blog on my experience discovering the power of the hero's Instinct’, which I would prompt all single women to read. 

 This cerebral trigger has a much lesser impact on men’s impressions of you than your appearance or how you treat him in the bedroom. 

 With that said, let us take a deeper look at how female hair can influence a man’s attraction towards you. 

1. Long hair enhances the beauty 

 The length of a woman’s hair is, no doubt, one of the top factors of her beauty. Women with longer hair are generally considered enough by a good number of men. This does not inescapably mean that long-haired women are prettier or alluring than those with short hair. Still, what this means is that long hairstyles will surely enhance your beauty. 

 Women who have long hair tend to appear more alluring and endearing. A man is easily compelled to notice a girl with lengthy hair cuts than those with short hair. It would be helpful to note that men are more likely to get attracted to a physically alluring woman; thus, women with long hair commonly appear more alluring to men. 

 2. Long hair is feminine 

 Male, generally like those women who have long hair because it makes them look pretty. Long hair is associated with the female gender, while short hair is linked to macho. As a girl, there's nothing wrong with going on shorter hair or indeed locks formerly in a while; it's fashionable and loved by numerous men. 

 Still, some sections of the manly population would rather just have their women carry long locks. The reason for this is that some men find the short hairstyle in women rather too male for them. As similar, they tend to look out for ladies who display enough female attributes. 

 3. Long hair conceals imperfection 

 Longer hair has a way of shielding down the less alluring feature on a woman’s face. Simply put, unlike short hair that doesn't go down to the shoulders, a longer hairstyle makes everything look perfect. 

The perfect effect of long hair can not be excessively emphasized. Long-haired women will always appear to be flawless, spotless, and undefeated. With their elegant looks and well-shaped cheekbone, it is, no doubt, that the face takes on a new shape when it's completely adorned with long hair. 

 This isn't to say that beauty doesn't come forth from short hair. It only goes to show that women with long hair nearly feel perfect on a good day. Long hair conceals imperfection and promotes fineness. 

 4. Long hair adds sex appeal 

 Some people believe that women with long hair are more sexually alluring to straight men than women on lower cuts. Men generally fall in love with physical appearances. Thus, a woman must take delicate care of her body to attract the right man. 

 Still, also I would suggest you wear long hair; it works like magic If you consider appealing to your man sexually. Long hair in ladies doesn't only add to their look but also makes them more sexy and alluring to men. 

 5. Because of the aroma 

 Some men love to smell the lovely aroma oozing out from women’s hair. To some, a woman with a nice scenting shampoo smells sexy and charming. Some other men formerly have an idea of the type of hair perfume they want to smell around them. This incontinently turns them on and makes you look sexually charming. 

 As a woman, you have to maintain the aroma of your hairstyle, its ringlets, and its oneness. Men would most probably get turned off by a woman with a messy hairstyle. This has nothing to do with it being long or short. Likewise, good aromas or shampoos will most surely go with long hair than shorter hair. 

6. Because they like touching and playing with it 

 It's now an open secret that men love to touch and play with a woman’s hair. This could either be a public display of affection or during sexual activities. Still, this act will noway do if you're carrying a shorter hairstyle. 

 The same goes analogous to women liking bearded males more than clean-divested males. We all want to grab, feel and play with commodities at some point when making out. The act of touching, smelling, and playing with a woman’s hair is commodity most men are fond of doing when they're around women with long hair. 

 7. Men naturally like long hair 

The way men are wired is veritably intriguing. Men naturally ask for female company and long hair is a primary point of feminism. Just as other girls body parts would naturally attract guys, so does the hair. 

 Female body parts in this regard can include a big bum, big guts, curvy shapes, and broad hips. The length of a woman’s hair is like a natural factor of her fineness that attracts males to her.


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