9 Usual + 9 Crazy ways to earn money online for housewives or single mothers

Earning money is not easy, but neither it is difficult with today’s increasing digitalization. And this makes it easier for women to earn money as well as take care of their family and not move out of the house to earn a living and give a helping hand to their partners. With the increase in the GDP over the years, the prices of almost everything has also increased and it becomes highly difficult for just one person to take care of the needs of the whole family and thus if the wife can support the husband in earning the money without stepping out of the house then it seems to be perfect. These digitalized options of earning money have not only helped housewives earn an extra income but also single mothers who many times have to stay back home to take care of the child and thus fail to get a job with flexible schedules. 

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And there are various ways to make money online and some of the most easiest ones are as follows:

  • Home-made food Business– Cooking is an art and who is better at cooking home-made food other than our mothers and wives. And selling homemade food can become a good way to make money. In metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi or IT hubs like Pune, Banglore, we see a lot of students and people staying away from home for their education or jobs and they miss homemade food and that’s when your role of providing homemade food kicks in. You can start a catering service that sells homemade food at affordable pricing and take the help of the various delivery people to deliver your food, or if you are not interested in including a third party then you can your food on websites like, Fromahome, MealTango, Watscooking and so on. 
  • Freelance Writing/ Freelance Content Writing – If you have good communication and writing skills and fluent in languages like English, French, German, or even certain Indian languages then you all set to work as a freelance writer. And some of the websites where you can find work related to freelance writing are Constant Content, Craiglist, and UPwork.
  • Selling of Hand-made products – Yes, you can sell handmade products online on various sites but the most famous one being Instagram, which is inversely connected to Facebook. You can create various things like diaries, decorative showpieces, beauty products, so forth, and so on as the list is huge for selling homemade products online. And some of the trusted websites where you can those are Amazon, ArtFire, and Etsy. 
  • Online Survey Participation– Online surveying has a lot of demand nowadays with the increase in online shopping and various apps used for different purposes. In these online surveys, you have to provide feedback and answer the questions of certain companies. The more companies you register yourself with, the higher the payment. And you can register yourself with MySurvey, Swagbucks, and OnePoll so that you can start filling services.
  • A child Tutor – You can tutor a child and earn some good money sitting at home. It is the best profession possible if you are educated and can handle children well, You can register yourself at TutorIndia, Tutor, Ottoo tuitions, and so on. 
  • Data Entry Jobs – Online data entry is one of the easiest ways to earn money online if you have some basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and excel. And can find these data entry jobs on Shine.com and Naukri.com.But be careful of many scams
  • Online Courses – If you have a degree in a specific area of study then you start your own online courses and make money. You can create, design and teach a course online while using various methods and platforms. Your courses can range from simple English, Maths, History to IT to makeup and sketching. You can register on websites like Udemy, SkillFeed, SkillShare, and so on.
  • Youtuber – Youtube, yes this may sound crazy but you can actually earn a lot of money if you start your youtube channel but the only given condition is that it should surpass a minimum number of followers before you start earning. You can start your own cooking channel, makeup channel, educational channel, so on and so forth. 
  • Affiliate marketing – You can earn money by promoting other people's products, for example, you promote a specific brand and when people buy the brand’s stuff, you get paid.

The above-mentioned ways to earn money online are very simple and common but there are some uncommon and crazy ones also on the list, like:

  • Type and get paid – You can type and get paid for with the benefit of following your own desired schedule at SpeakWrite. You just have to type the given data and you will get money.
  • Host a Dinner and get paid – Are you a good cook? Then EatWith gives you a chance to showcase your talent and invite people for dinner. You can set the rate, time, date, menu, and number of people you want to invite for the dinner. 
  • Click Selfies and get paid – At Stylinity you get paid when you click a selfie with the products that you are wearing. The only thing you need to do is to click a selfie, tag the products that you are using and when someone clicks on the product used to buy it, you get paid.
  • Try new products and get paid – Cashcrate pays you to try on various newly launched products in the market for free.
  • Have photos? Sell it – With the invention of the smartphone, every person out there has learnt to do some decent photography even without a degree. And now you can earn money by selling your photos online on Shutterstock, 123RF, Dreamstime, CreStock, Fotolia, Getty Images, and SmugMug.
  • Listen to Music and get paid – Love listening to music? Well, that can now help you earn some money as well. And all you have to do is to listen to music by new artists or unsigned bands online and submit a review on Slicethepie
  • Write product opinions and get paid – Write opinions about various products on Epinions.com and ReviewStream.com and get paid. 
  • Test Websites and get paid – UserTesting pays you to test and give feedback on the usability of a website.
  • Help people learn a language – Are you fluent in any foreign languages? If yes, then on Italki you can help people learn different languages like English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and many more that too at your own pace with no rush.

Thus, the above-mentioned methods are some of the easiest ways to make money without much stress and workload, which is an ideal situation for housewives and single mothers as most of the time they are because taking care of their families. And these ways to make money online seem to be more effective at times of Pandemic when people are locked inside their homes and can’t go out to work and earn money. It is when they can use these techniques to earn money and support their families.


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