What is Ayurvedic treatment for Vaginal yeast infections?

Ayurvedic remedies work in such a way that it cures the disease from the root stopping it from reoccurring in the future! These ancient remedies are highly effective for women vaginal yeast infection treatment except few exceptional cases, henceforth it's the most preferred among folks. 

The vaginal yeast infection must be treated on time else it will give birth to the 'leucorrhoea.' 

Researchers say, - 'Vaginal yeast infection can affect women of every age group.'

Within the 'Yoni Vyapat', every misery related to the reproductive system of a woman is stated. 

Various Ayurvedic remedies can help deal with the vaginal yeast infections like 

  • Abhyanga
  • Panchakarma
  • Yava
  • Manjishtha
  • Pichu
  • Daruharidra
  • Pippali
  • Taila
Ayurvedic treatment for Vaginal yeast infections

 Unheard Stats and Facts 

  • According to the researchers, 'At least once in a lifetime, almost 75% of the women face the candidiases infection.'
  • According to the CDC, more than 25,000 cases of candidiases are seen every year globally. 
  • As per the 2015 research, 'Diabetic women patients are more prone to catching the vaginal yeast infection due to their weak immune system.'
  • Many researchers revealed that 'Almost 90% of the HIV patients suffer from oral yeast infections.'
  • According to the health experts, 'High intake of carbs can result in the vaginal yeast infections.'

Vaginal candidiases & its Symptoms

The yeast infection named 'Vaginal candidiases' is caused by the candida fungus. It attacks the areas which are warm & moist. The yeast multiplies itself to form a candidiases infection. Causes like indigestion problems - 'Agnimandya,' accumulation of toxins, weak immunity, excess stress, and frequent intake of antibiotics may result in this infection. 

Candidiasis can lead to the following symptoms -

    • Severe pain while having sex
    • Unusual vaginal discharge
    • Soreness
    • Itching while urinating
    • Excess amount of irritation in the vaginal area

How can your daily activities help in reducing Vaginal yeast infections?

As per the research by health experts, - 'The minor changes in your daily routine can be of high benefit to treating vaginal yeast infections.' Try to inculcate the following things on your daily routine -

    • Intake fresh meals
    • Clean your vagina twice a day
    • Avoid day sleep
    • Drink warm water
    • Incorporate milk, garlic, turmeric, ginger fresh veggies, and fruits into your daily diet
    • Urinate as soon as you feel like it, avoid controlling it
    • Practice yoga and meditation

What is Ayurvedic treatment for Vaginal yeast infections?


All of the existing reproductive system concerns and blood circulation problems in women once diagnosed can be treated with the help of the Manjishtha herb!

Manjishtha Advantages -

    • The inbuilt microbial properties present in the Manjishtha - enable to cure vaginal yeast infections like candidiasis.
    • Manjishtha is a natural astringent.
    • Manjishtha can be taken inside the body through Decoction, Powder, Medicated Ghee, or a Paste.
    • Manjishtha has multiple antitumor properties too.
    • One of the most used and effective herbs for the purpose of blood purification and excess bleeding control - Manjishtha, researchers say!


With its antiseptic and antiviral features, Nimba is said to have a highly bitter taste. Though it is not very taste-friendly, its impact on the vaginal yeast treatment is phenomenal!

Nimba Advantages -

    • As per researchers, 'Intake of a Nimba Herb functions smoothly and effectively on the vaginal area, urine system, respiratory systems and also helps in maintaining the effective digestion process.'
    • According to the studies, - herbs of Nimba consist of antifungal and antibacterial properties which further help to minimize the growth of yeasts in the vagina caused due to fungus and other harmful bacterias.
    • Nimba herb - can be consumed in the form of ghee (pre-medicated), decoction, infusion, and oil. Your doctor will suggest to you in what way this dose is to be taken.


In this therapy, the medicated oil containing a lot of antifungus and antibacterial features is massaged all over your body.

Abhyanga - Works simply by boosting the musculoskeletal system in the women's body. It leads to the nerve conduction process. It's one of those therapies which researchers highly recommend if you are looking for Ayurvedic treatment of vaginal yeast infections.


Abhyanga Advantages -

    • Abhyanga Therapy - increases the overall blood circulation in the body.
    • Researchers say,  'Abhyanga therapy is known for removing unwanted bulkiness and rigidness from the body caused due to vaginal yeast infections.'
    • As per one of the studies, 'Abhyanga therapy is 40 times effective in safeguarding the women body from unwanted vaginal yeast infections like Vaginal candidates.'


In this therapy, using multiple methods - sweating is being incited. 

Methods used to generate sweating are -

    • Valuka Sweda - Done via sand heating.
    • Bashpa Sweda - Done via steam chamber.
    • Avagaha Sweda - Done via generating the sweating using immersing the body in hot water-like substances.
    • Parisheka sweda - Done via warm oils (which are medicated) spilling over your body.

Swedena Advantages -

    • The excess level of stored toxins in the women's body helps in releasing the ama via the sweating process. 
    • Methods used in generating the Sweating helps to eliminate the body cold, business, and stiffness in the body.
    • This therapy is usually followed after the  Snehana Karma.


Being made via various oils, Pichu is poured onto the affected area via cotton.

Ingredients used in making the Pichu is mentioned below which reduces the itching or irritation in the vaginal area -

    • Padmakadi tail
    • Nimba - neem taila
    • Shatadhauta ghrita
    • Karanja - Indian beech taila
    • Sarsapa - mustard taila 

Pichu Advantages -

    • Pichu consists of anti-inflammatory and protection from the irritation against the vaginal yeast infection removal properties.
    • In terrible cases, women suffering from leucorrhoea can be treated via Pichu. Here, particularly the dhatakyadi taila contained in the Pichu is being used. 
    • Pichu can take the shape of a Tampon cotton which is further medicated using various oils and then it is easily inserted into the infected vaginal area of a woman.


One of the best herbs, named Daruharidra works well with its tonic properties. It also helps in controlling blood pressure and removes all the bad toxins from the body causing vaginal irritation.

Daruharidra Advantages -

    • Its antimicrobial properties are beneficial in stopping the multiplication of the yeast caused by fungus by putting it in the halting state.
    • You can intake it in multiple forms like Decoction, Powder, Medicated Ghee, or Paste. 
    • Its strong antibacterial properties have decent effects on vaginal yeast infection. It works by controlling the circulatory system and the digestive system.


The cleansing, tonic, and refreshing properties of the Herb Yashtimadhu helps to keep your digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system, and reproductive system away from any sort of infections. 

Yashtimadhu Advantages -

  • Eliminates excess 'Kapha' present within the lungs and stomach. Henceforth, the vaginal yeast infection which is rich in 'Kapha'  can be used to treat candidiasis.
  • Yashtimadhu - can be used as ghee, powder, or Milk decoction.
  • The excess growth of C.albicans can be put to an end via Mulethi which has antifungal substituents. 

Vaginal Microbial Flora imbalance results in candidiasis which further gives birth to unwanted vaginal discharge, severe pain, and irritation. Drinking an enormous amount of water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be useful in fighting this infection. Apart from this, the timely treatment done via ayurvedic remedies which consist of antimicrobial and antifungal properties can be extremely helpful in treating the yeast infection from the root. Also, if the problem seems out of control, then you must visit the vaginal specialist as soon as possible. 



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