How to UnMatch on Tinder? in 4 easy Steps

Tinder has over 400 million users in 190 countries with a total of 55 billion matches since its inception in the dating arena. For those who do not know yet, Tinder is a geo social networking and online dating app developed in the United States. Basically it gives users the option to like or dislike other accounts anonymously based on their photos, bios, and common interests. After two users are have “matched”, they can send messages to each other. 

Everybody has their own way of doing things on Tinder. Some people look for hookups, others look for love, and others to meet new people or simply to have fun. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to using Tinder, it mainly depends on what you are looking for. 

unmatch on tinder

Tinder usage statistics

Tinder was completely launched in late 2013 to great success, handling 350 million swipes per day (about 4000 per second) by late 2013, and one billion swipes per day by the end of 2014. Tinder users are spread across 190 countries, thanks to the app’s availability in 40 languages. Tinder is expected to be used by more than 57 million around the world by the end of this year.

The survey conducted by Global Web Index in 2017 found that about 38% of people using Tinder were in the 16-24 age group while about 45% users were aged 25-34. 

According to Tinder’s reports, 7.5 million daily swipes were made in 2016, and India toppled the list of countries with the highest total number of messages exchanged per match. However, there is a significant issue in that Tinder is dominated by male users, though female users have entered the platform in equal numbers for different reasons. As a result, Tinder has added a number of additional female-specific features to the app.

How to unmatch someone on Tinder? 

Tinder is a popular dating app that allows single people to connect with other singles. Conversations, on the other hand, can take a turn for the worse. You may want to unmatch someone on Tinder and delete them from your matched list at some point of time. Unmatching someone may arise out of a variety of reasons, including not wanting someone to be able to send you messages any longer or simply wanting to free up space on your device. Regardless, you’ll probably want remove someone from your matched list at some point. Since Tinder is all about making connections instead of breaking them, the unmatch option isn’t as obvious as some of the other options, so if you’re a newbie you may not even realise you have the option to unmatch on tinder.

You may feel overloaded with so many matches and want to start over; whether you want to get rid of one bothersome match that you want to unmatch or you want to completely clean out your account which can be done when you unmatch on tinder.

Below are a few simple steps to unmatch someone on Tinder:

1.Go to the profile of the person you’d like to be unmatched with

First of all, open your matches list and find the person you want to unmatch. Once you click on their profile, the app will take you to a page where you can send them a message. From here, you will also find the option to unmatch. 

2.Tap on the three dots or ellipses in the upper right corner

Once you’re in the private chat page with the person you want to unmatch, the top right corner will show a flag or ellipses that displays a range of chat options, including the specific one you’re looking for. Once you tap on the three dots, you will be given the option of reporting or unmatching the user. This will assist you in filing any complaints with Tinder if there is a need to report them.

3.Tap “Unmatch”

The ellipses or three dots you just selected will pull up a set of three options: “Report”, “Unmatch” and “Show Profile”. The “report” option will allow you to report the person to Tinder for improper conduct, while the option “Show profile” will take you to the profile of this person you matched with. However, if you want to permanently remove this person from your list of matches, then tap on the “Unmatch” option. 

4.Pick a Reason to unmatch

If you’re having second thoughts and don’t want to unmatch this person any longer, then select “cancel”, otherwise if you’re truly done with the person choose a reason for unmatching. Tinder provides the option of “No Reason” as an alternative if you can’t think of any reason for your virtual breakup. Lastly, click on the “unmatch” button to permanently unmatch this user.

Common Reasons to Unmatch on Tinder

1.Inappropriate Users

On Tinder, users often find themselves unmatched for this reason. Tinder has a tendency to draw people who are obnoxious, blunt, and who lack class. As soon as the chat begins, these users will sometimes say inappropriate things. This would cause users to immediately press the unmatch button, as single users are not looking to be handled in such an unacceptable manner. Worse case scenario, single users can use Tinder and have a wonderful chat, only for it to quickly boil down. This could make the girl or guy to feel uncomfortable, which may lead to an unmatch.

2.Users who are boring

It can be thrilling to swipe right and play with another person. Tinder’s matching of users is accompanied by a large animation, which excites users. Users begin to anticipate a wonderful life with this person, particularly if he/she is attractive. However, texting and engaging in person are two very separate abilities. Users that are attractive and pleasant to be around may not be the best at texting. This can leave users feeling bored and dissatisfied. It is popular for users to unmatch boring users who appear in the match list, since there are other users who are both exciting and inspirational. If you are someone who is boring at texting, consider enlightening the chat by posing insightful questions and show interest in the other person’s life otherwise you will be left unmatched on tinder.

3.Users who may be cat fishing

If a person happens to be spam or a potential catfish, users tend to unmatch them. Tinder has recently done an excellent job of scraping bots and spam from its database. However, there may still exist accounts that come up in pretense or catfish account in order to trick users into having a fake conversation. If you happen to pair with such accounts, it is suggested to unmatch them right away to avoid any potential heartbreak or misunderstanding.

4.Unattractive users

Many Tinder users unmatch profiles because they are not drawn to the other person. A lot of times, users who swiped right late at night, tend to wake up in the morning wondering why they swiped right on the person. The same is true when users use Tinder when drunk. When they wake up in the morning, they tend to wonder why they swiped right while intoxicated.

Users that are unmatched without any clarification are left perplexed as to why they were unmatched. This often leaves them feeling confused and pained at wondering if they have done something wrong. It is better to always inform the person why they were unmatched, particularly if they did nothing wrong and you are simply no longer attracted to them. While it is easy to leave someone hanging on Tinder, it is advised to give them closure; its at least the human thing to do.






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