Does Tinder really work for Girls?

Tinder is a worldwide famous dating app. In this app you need to make your profile and connect with people who are in your area and who have made their profile on Tinder.

Through this app many people got their soulmates and some got really good friends.

Tinder for girls

Most girl's look out on Tinder for:

Girls actually want to see genuine men who are there for a genuine and long term relationship. girls don't want men who are there just for fun. So, what do girls actually want in a profile of a man?

  • Bio

Girls want to know about men by first seeing their bio. So, men's bio must be genuine and attractive. And if you feel by reading a man's bio that he is genuine and a gentleman, then you must go for it and swipe right on him.

  • Message

If you have matched with someone on Tinder then it's obvious that you are going to talk to him. But, you need to again make sure that the other person is not creeping and he is not here to use you and your body. So, analyse his behavior and intention by his texts.

  • Meeting

Now, if you have matched with someone, talked to him in texts and you find him genuine, still don't trust him blindly. First meet him, check him out what kind of a person he is in person. Your need of finding a genuine and good person will come to an end by meeting him in person. So, meet him, know him and then take a sane decision that, is that person good for you or not, if yes, then your search will.come to an end of finding your soulmate.

  • Good matches on Tinder

There are many instances where women have matched with a genuine person and have found their soulmates through Tinder. Launched in India in 2016, Tinder last reported 7.5 million daily swipes in the country, and the highest average number of messages exchanged per match in the world. Cuties like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurgaon figured in its 10 most super liked markets globally for the year 2018.

Usage of Tinder in India region wise are:-

31% in North India

15% in South India

14% in East India

25% in West India

Perks of using Tinder for girls


Tinder is a famous app and hence there is a good chance of more population of Tinder users. So, when there are more choices, the chances of getting your "the one" rises. There are a lot of people on Tinder, especially men. The gender ratio varies a lot in Tinder and there are more choices for women. 

Independent choice

Another perk of using Tinder is that you are free for your choice. No one (like, parents, relatives, friends) will pressurize you to choose a particular person. You are free to choose any one according to your vibe and compatibility. 

Relationship after knowing that person

Through Tinder when you match someone, there is no pressure of accepting that person on one or two meetings only. You are free to meet him n numbers of times and then when you feel comfortable with him, you can come into a relationship purely on the basis of your instincts and compatibility.

Modern technique

Online dating is a modern technique for finding your soulmate. So it is more likely that in this modern technology app, people with modern and open thinking will come. More educated, well mannered and open minded people will understand your mindset and nature without judging you. And this is really a girl's need in this country.

No age barrier

The most amazing part of connecting with Tinder is, there is no age barrier. If you are an 18 year old girl and the man above 30, still they can match and find their soulmates in each other. Why? Because there is no one around to judge you for your choice. You are free to find your soulmate in any person without looking at his age or caste or religion.

Statistics of people with different intentions in Tinder

  • People who want real long term relationship on Tinder are : 38.4% male and 44.1% female.
  • People who want to meet new friends on Tinder are : 10.4% male and 12.4% female.
  • People who want to find casual relationship are : 22.6% male and 14.8% female.
  • People who are there only for free drinks/meals are : 2.9% male and 0.8% female.
  • People who want to boost their self-esteem are : 7% male and 5.3% female.
  • People with other demands are : 18.6% male and 22.6% female.

This app is safe to use but is it really safe specifically for girls? is Tinder for girls? It is known by everyone that online dating may cause some real life issues and problems.


If you are on any online dating apps specially Tinder then there are very great chances of you being stalked. And if you are a girl then creeps will follow you. Creeps and online stalkers won't spare you on a normal social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, then how can you expect that on a dating app specially in India where a smile of a girl is misunderstood as a hint for sex will be safe for you? So there is a very little chance of fulfilling your actual need, which is finding a partner.

Hook-ups platform

Tinder is a place where people are there mostly for hookups. So, this mindset of hooking up with a girl is there very deeply in the mind of boys. So if you are a genuine girl and want a genuine relationship then first you will need to go through the all hook-up asking and demanding guys.


India is a country of hypocrites and judgemental people. People judge a girl for smiling, for wearing the dresses she wants to wear, for talking to boys, for loving someone (boyfriend), for everything she does. So, Tinder which has so many myths involved in its image, how can a girl not get judged? She will be judged firstly by the men who are on Tinder, they will always think that she is here for hookups. And secondly if any person in society will get to know that she is on Tinder then they will also judge her for using dating apps.


If by your bad luck you have matched with a person who is toxic, harasser, or of a bad nature, then you may feel trapped in Tinder. Because you are online and the other person is behind the anonymity you cannot physically punish him, which makes the situation even more stressful for you. So, it is possible that you may match with a toxic person and you may ruin your inner peace because you didn't know him.

But, it is not 100% unsafe for girls. Girls did find their soulmates, boyfriends and even husbands through Tinder. There are genuine people who actually are there to find actual partners. You just need to take calculated steps in order to find and meet someone with whom you want to spend your whole life. Just be sure about your needs.

Image Source: Tinder


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